President Obama has projected a policy of weakness throughout the Middle East and there’s every sign that weakness will continue given Obama’s response to the attacks aimed at U.S diplomats in Libya and the embassy in Egypt.

“We’ve got a lot of Americans at risk and an administration that has pursued for four years now, a very weak policy. And even in the face of the murder of four Americans has not materially changed that policy.”

That’s the conclusion of former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, who is stunned that Obama didn’t have a much stronger reaction to the murders of four Americans. Bolton said the governments of Egypt and Libya “failed miserably in their obligation” to protect U.S. diplomatic personnel and that Obama needed to make it clear American deaths are “unacceptable.”

“We’re not going to apologize for the American system. We’re not going to tolerate these attacks on our interests. And we’re not going to operate under the delusion that the rising wave of Islamic fundamentalism is anything like a democratic movement or an Arab Spring.”

Bolton says the apologies of the administration for an Internet film critical of Muhammad that may not even exist sends exactly the wrong message.

“This is a reflection of the hatred they have for America and the desire of Islamic radicals to do us harm.”

Bolton is also incredulous that the U.S. media is far more interested in the mundane details of Mitt Romney’s reaction to this crisis than in the crisis itself.

Is Obama bringing on Armageddon?

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