Needed now – 400 Republicans to volunteer in Cook County, Ill., to serve in November as election judges!

That’s the call urgently being put out by Sharon Meroni, a tea-party mother from the Chicago suburbs who is leading the charge to stop Democratic Party voter fraud in Cook County, which reported casting 76 percent of its vote for Obama in 2008.

“If we get the Republican volunteers we need in Cook County, I believe we might even swing the presidential election in Illinois for Romney,” she claimed in an exclusive interview with WND. “The problem is we need them right now.”

The application deadline is Thursday.

For years, Cook County Democrats have simply filled all election judge positions as county Republicans have virtually given up trying to fight entrenched Democratic Party corruption.

Now, Meroni has more than 600 Republican election judges signed up, and she is confident she will find the remaining 400 needed to fill Republican election judge positions.

Sharon Meroni at press conference Sept. 12

The job pays $170 for the day, and it requires successfully completing training and assisting with polling place set-up before Election Day.

Applicants can get additional information at the Cook County Clerk’s website, at the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago website or by calling the Cook County Election Judge hotline at (312) 242-1818.

A “Volunteer Here” red button on Meroni’s homepage takes those who want to apply directly to, where a blue box, “Cook County Election Judge,” leads to a New Judge Application form on the Cook County Clerk website and a red box, “Chicago Election Judge,” leads to a “Become a Judge of Election” on the Board of Chicago Commissioners for the City of Chicago website.

If Meroni, who invites contact by email, fails to find 400 Republicans to serve, then Democrats will fill the positions, leaving Cook County polling places vulnerable to fraud, she said, with no one watching except Democrats.

Cook County has been notorious for voter fraud since 1960 when then-Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley delivered to John Kennedy in the wee hours of the morning the exact margin of votes he needed to take Illinois and win the election from his Republican challenger, Richard Nixon.

Cook County Chairman Aaron Del Mar at press conference Sept. 12

Cook County Chairman Aaron Del Mar at press conference Sept. 12

Deciding to take the battle against voter fraud to the Chicago base of Barack Obama, Meroni created a website, In April 2011 she visited 239 precincts and scored them on 13 basic security features, such as whether or not the ballot boxes were secured.

“Shockingly, 90 percent of these 239 precincts failed in one measure or more of ballot security,” she said. “In some 139 precincts we validated, the voting officials did not seal the ballot box, opening the door for voter fraud.”

Meroni published the results of the study in the peer-reviewed Journal of Physical Security, authoring an 88-page paper titled “Vulnerability Assessment and Security Audit of Election Day Poling Place Proceedings for the April 5, 2011 Municipal Election in Chicago, Illinois.”

Her main conclusion was clear:

This study finds that significant procedural failures are occurring on an ongoing basis throughout the election process. We find even if current procedures are followed, these procedures completely fail to provide a tamper-resistant balloting environment. As a result, the integrity of votes cast in Chicago elections is subject to question.


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