In this crazy, hectic world in which we reside, there are many circumstances, situations and behaviors that can be labeled “insane.” This term can be used in one instance to describe someone who stands on a street corner aimlessly muttering to himself. It can also be used to paint a succinctly distinct picture of reality during a natural disaster such as an earthquake or land fall of a hurricane. All of us can certainly think of experiences in our lives where the term “insane” gives a brief yet powerful description of the scenario at hand or individual behavior witnessed. At the most fundamental level, however, the definition of insanity is simply continuing to do the same thing while expecting a different result.

Four years ago we all listened to a man who orated with courage and passion and spoke of “hope and change,” while giving many the feeling of hope through change. Although I didn’t vote for the man, I must admit I was, to a moderate degree, inspired by parts of his vision and understood how many others were as well. At the time many Americans were looking for something, anything that was different from the status quo of business as usual inside the Beltway.

Unfortunately, when the sun rose on Jan. 21, 2009, America was stuck with Barack Hussein Obama. Not the Barack Hussein Obama that inspired so many with promise of a hopeful, brighter future and possessed the skill to deliver, but instead, America has endured four long years with a man whose leadership abilities seem to begin and end with one lone talent, which is simply the graceful ability to spin an inspirational speech chock full of promises he lacks the capability of fulfilling. Instead of possessing the leadership abilities and foresight to dwindle American unemployment to 5.4 percent, as he “promised,” We the People have endured over 40 months of unemployment over 8 percent. Instead of cutting the national debt in half and bolstering the fiscal health of the U.S. economy for our generation and our children’s, as was “promised,” We the People have been laden with so much debt through grossly irresponsible government spending that it’s doubtful we will ever see its repayment in our lifetime. And instead of defending this great nation from all enemies foreign and domestic, he chose to file suit against four states in his own union to contest laws that mirror federal law intended to secure the borders and citizens of this country.

As one would expect, this much-abbreviated list of the many, many failed promises and policies have not come without consequences, which to one extent or another affect a large majority of the citizens of our soon-to-be not-so-great nation. In the past 40 months, our nation, once the pillar of financial stability in the world economy, has experienced a downgraded credit rating and just recently fell to No. 7 in a global competitiveness report issued by the World Economic Forum. We had been No. 1 just four years ago.

I would need the better part of a medium-sized novel to devote the detail and description necessary to accurately describe what this man and his administration have done, are doing and will continue to do even after they are all long out of office. Unfortunately, I have limited space and am forced to just hit the high and low points. To sum up in one brief, all-encompassing phrase, “We’re heading in the wrong direction on many, many levels!” From gross fiscal irresponsibility to unprecedented partisanship to outright refusal to enforce federal law, this country is going to hell in a rapidly moving hand basket – carried by this administration’s abhorrent policies and unfulfilled promises.

These much-abbreviated facts regarding the state of our union should be more than troubling to the average American. Yet as we all look upward hoping for a new path, a new direction to divert us from imminent disaster, we receive nothing more than the same chatter and empty promises along with stubborn intent to implement the same policies that are proven failures. We have all witnessed the fiscal warnings and embarrassments, experienced the economic lethargy and watched the governmental stalemate surrounding the ideals and policies of the current administration. With no fresh ideas to improve our national situation, four more years of Barack Hussein Obama with the expectation of a different result is just plain insanity.

Quote of the week: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

– Thomas Jefferson

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