… I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

– Barack Obama

The above quote, from page 261 of Barack Obama’s 1995 book “Dreams from My Father” has been misrepresented by his detractors, it has been said, to more unequivocally affirm his allegiance to America’s Muslims. The intended inference was that Obama would not put up with the persecution of Muslims in the manner of the Japanese during World War II, for example, which on its face seems reasonable.

Yet even in context, it has become evident that Obama’s sympathies favor Muslims substantially more than mere vigilance against persecution. Last week in this space I wrote that there is no place for Islam in a free society, and I stand by that. Since it is the nature of Islam to ruthlessly subjugate and supplant other cultures and worldviews, tolerance of Islam is like a person deciding to tolerate “a little cancer” and taking no action toward its abeyance.

In recent days, WND has covered Obama’s disturbing relationships with those in the Muslim world, from his propagandistic address to the General Assembly of the United Nations this week, to the likelihood that he attended Harvard University on the largesse of a Saudi billionaire. What he owes Islam, among individuals or collectively, in fact or in his perception, is anyone’s guess.

Few people are as familiar with “playing the system” as Barack Obama. He was raised doing this, whether through “paper tripping” (forgery and the manipulation of official documents), or capitalizing on the policies and programs offered by the American government, educational institutions and private foundations. Consequently, references to him as an “Affirmative Action President” are quite apt; his adeptness at employing such resources cannot be underestimated, and this is almost certainly why his college records remain sealed.

Similarly, Muslims are not only playing the system in America, but are exploiting our politically correct, intellectualist weakness like never before. Certainly, they learned how to do this quite well in Europe, where they abused the misplaced hospitality of nations there, and are now demanding their “rights” in the form of license to fold that region into their emerging Islamic caliphate, raping and killing as they go.

In the face of violent Muslim uprisings worldwide, increased Muslim hostility toward America and the murder of American foreign service personnel – all of which Obama helped to bring about – Obama, like Nero, is not only playing, but outright denying the significance of these occurrences.

Obama’s address to the U.N. General Assembly this week was disgusting on two levels. The first, that it was replete with the language of appeasement, which will serve to weaken us even further in the face of our enemies. The second was his toadying deference to Islam. Downplaying recent atrocities committed on the part of Muslims, misrepresenting the cause of same and reinforcing his administration’s abysmal position on events in Libya, he remained the shameless apologist for Islam. To be sure, Obama paid lip service to the need for tolerance of all faiths, but this was obviously window dressing in the face of his disregard for other faiths and obsequiousness toward Islam. While Muslims crucify Coptic Christians in Egypt, raze American embassies and murder innocents, Obama’s concern lies with the “honor” of Muslims.

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

– Barack Obama, Sept. 25, 2012

Moses was a prophet who obeyed God, at least most of the time. The Buddha was a privileged youth who rejected his birthright and the material world to seek spiritual enlightenment elsewhere. Christ was God incarnate, who suffered death for humanity.

Muhammad was an illiterate mass murderer and child rapist. In my particular (Christian) worldview, the origin narrative of Islam is something that was more probably satanically inspired and enclosed in a culturally appropriate, grandiose wrapper. I see no reason for the American Christian majority not to take Muslims’ talk of this being a holy war to heart, and respond in kind.

My Muslim faith …

– Barack Obama, Sept. 7, 2008

Many recall the gaffe (or Freudian slip, if you prefer) wherein Obama referred to his “Muslim faith” in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos during the 2008 campaign. In the practical sense, it doesn’t much matter anymore if Obama is in fact a “plant,” positioned by powerful Muslim interests. It is of little consequence whether he hunkers down in a White House closet on a prayer mat away from prying eyes, or if his motives are purely political. As part of an agenda that is indisputably anti-American, he has acted in the role of a facilitator extraordinaire for Islamists.

For thinking Americans who have observed the maliciousness and brutality of Islam’s adherents, this should be enough to determine how they will vote in November.

If not, I’ve got lots more. …

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