The media have a short – or nonexistent – attention span for many topics. But with the election, not so much.

The common wisdom among the Democratic elite and the media – one and the same, really – is that re-election will be a cake walk for Obama. For the rest of us, well … “let them eat cake.”

The polling assumptions needed to support this media mindset have become ever more mythical. The latest poll weighting “adjustments” would require bigger Democratic turnout this year than in 2008, when rhetoric alone enabled Obama to walk on water. And if such “weightings” excite the Obama base to turn out and vote, so much the better! If those same weightings depress the Republican turnout, better still. And if the media narrative causes independents to stay home (a pox on both their houses), it’s all good.

But all this leaves out one crucial fact. This is a Chicago election, writ large across the nation. Most Americans have no experience with Chicago politics. That’s because most Americans are kind, decent people.

Chicago politics is not filled with kind, decent people. Chicago politics is filled with the people who were too corrupt to keep in prison. This knowledge, like the stench of corruption, seems to dissipate the further from Chicago one lives.

Whether through complicity or duplicity, the media myth of Obama’s re-election cake walk is designed to grease the skids for a Chicago-style re-election victory. For Democrats. Forever.

This is nothing new – in Chicago. And it long ago seeped out of the sewers of Chicago and into the capitol culture of Springfield, the state capital. As the previous Illinois governor’s incarceration shows, it has never left the state capital. Nor will it ever leave.

Now this same violent corruption has taken hold in Washington, D.C. And if it wins this election, it will never leave. Never. Ever.

Those of us who fall into the kind, decent American narrative need to set that story aside this year. The end of the American story is drawing near, acted from within our midst. All that is necessary is that good men and women do nothing.

Kind and decent people need to vote against nationalizing and institutionalizing Chicago-style corruption and union mob violence nationwide, even if we are the only person we know who is going to the election polling place to vote. Or dropping that absentee ballot in the mail. Because we’re not the only one! There are still a majority like us. For yet a short time.

Next, we need to document and ultimately challenge corrupt voting practices, even if it comes to turning out into the streets to demand the arrest and imprisonment of dogs, dead people, illegal aliens and other imaginary Democratic voters who have ruled Chicago all these years. For they are the power base of that city’s corrupt politicians.

Bleep the lawyers, who – having taken over so much of the country – now want to control the elections through the courtroom, as well! The trial bar writes the laws, so they can bleed the country dry with lawsuits protecting the victim class.

There are too many bureaucrats, and not enough taxpayers. We all know this. Much of the money the federal government spends goes only to enrich the victim class. This enrichment is carried out at the expense of taxpayers. Think of it as a “trickle up” economy, where the politicians get power and money in return. The middle class is where the money is, in so far as the tax man is concerned. And the middle class is who the communists are coming for after the election. The rich will flee or buy protection.

Even so enriched, the victim class has no intention of turning out to vote Obama a second coronation. It’s just too much work. Chicago politics, however, will make it appear as though they have turned out in great numbers. Hence the media narrative designed to make an Obama victory seem oh, so plausible in the aftermath of the vote counting. This election is the endgame, America. Do what you have to do to survive.

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