White House at it again – Government gone wild!

The Obama administration intends to make an end run around Congress. Again.

The White House is now circulating a draft executive order that will give President Obama the power to override Congress when it comes to the Internet.

As Daniel Henninger of The Wall Street Journal said on Fox News’ Journal Editorial Report this weekend, “I think this president’s done with Congress.”

Not content with Congress’ inability or unwillingness to authorize the federal government to control the Internet, or in political-speak – “protect” the country from cyberattacks – Obama and his regulators are determined to circumvent the legislative branch.

According to a report in The Hill, “The draft proposal, which has been sent to relevant federal agencies for feedback, is a clear sign that the administration is resolved to take action on cybersecurity even as Congress remains gridlocked on legislation that would address the threat.

“The draft executive order would establish a voluntary program where companies operating critical infrastructure would elect to meet cybersecurity best practices and standards crafted, in part, by the government, according to two people familiar with the document,” The Hill concludes.

Folks, if you value free and unencumbered use of the Internet, read the entire report. Your congressional representative has returned to Washington, D.C. Call him. Write him. March into his district office in your area with a copy of this Senate version, which closely resembles the draft EO and give him an earful. Now!

Meanwhile, the Republican Party adopted language as part of its convention platform that promises to protect Internet freedom.

“The Internet has unleashed innovation, enabled growth and inspired freedom more rapidly and extensively than any other technological advance in human history,” reads the “Protecting Internet Freedom” section of the platform. “Its independence is its power. The Internet offers a communications system uniquely free from government intervention.”

Not to be outdone, the Democrats also added language to their platform.

So, who are we to believe? As one commenter at The Hill wrote, “This is the Patriot Act for cyber space. You Obamatrons still think the president isn’t going to use it against you?”

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Related: “The FBI has officially started rolling out a state-of-the-art face recognition project that will assist in their effort to accumulate and archive information about each and every American at a cost of a billion dollars”, states this report.


In last week’s Surfin’ Safari, we told you how social media has become an integral part of the political process. Example: Four million tweets were generated during last week’s Republican National Convention.

This week we take another look at how Twitter measures the political pulse, this time focusing on the Democrat National Convention recently held in Charlotte, N.C.

According to Twitter, President Barack Obama’s (@BarackObama) acceptance speech generated the most tweets of BOTH conventions. #DNC2012 set a new record for political moments on Twitter, with 52,756 Tweets per minute coming just after its conclusion.

A total of more than 9.5 million tweets about the DNC events filled the Twitterverse, far surpassing those of the Republican National Convention. On the final day alone, the DNC generated roughly four million tweets – equivalent to the total number generated from the entire Republican National Convention.

Many of those four million Tweets were sent during the president’s acceptance speech. Twitter reported, “@barackobama delivered a great collection of tweetable lines … and Twitter responded accordingly. His five top peaks in tweets per minute (TPM) were actually all higher than any other moment for a speaker in either convention. The moments in his speech that elicited the biggest Twitter reactions were:

  • 43,646: “I’m no longer just the candidate, I’m the president”
  • 39,002: “I will never turn Medicare into a voucher”
  • 38,597: Discussing Medicare
  • 37,694: “We don’t think government can solve all our problems”
  • 34,572: Quips about the Olympics and “Cold War mind warp”

Former President Bill Clinton attracted the highest spike in TPM of the second night: 22,087 at the end of his speech. This peak exceeded @MittRomney‘s highest the week before in Tampa, but less than @MichelleObama‘s during the convention’s opening night.

The peaks from Clinton’s speech came when he mentioned:

  • Discussing Obama’s job record: 16,115 TPM
  • Urging the audience to vote for Obama: 15,266 TPM
  • “All in this together” statement: 15,111 TPM
  • Discussing Hillary Clinton’s role, and “blood sport” line: 14,538 TPM
  • “Takes some brass” quip: 14,393 TPM

Twitter will track daily the 2012 election tweet activity generated for both candidates, monitoring the candidates’ respective Twitter Political Index scores.

The Blaze reports that “when it comes to social media and an overall online presence, President Barack Obama appears to be leading the charge – as he did in the 2008 election. Twitter’s “Political Index, which measures the tone of Twitter users regarding the candidates, confirms this to be the case.”

Are you ready for some football?

While Bill Clinton was speaking at the convention, football fans were spiking tweets about the @NFL season kickoff in Dallas where the @DallasCowboys took on the @Giants.

All 32 NFL teams are on Twitter. Search for coaches, players, fans or hashtags like #SuperBowl or #steelers. Click “follow” for breaking news, starting line-ups and much more.

“Bing it on!”

It’s a search engine throw-down. Bing’s challenging Google users, saying in effect,“Bing It On.”

The Bing team wrote on its community blog, “With Bing It On, we’re encouraging you to try Bing – whether you’re a first time customer or an occasional visitor. You may be surprised at what Bing offers and how it can help you spend less time searching and more time doing.”

A study shows people prefer Bing’s search results over Google 2 to 1.

Bits & Bytes

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Obama: It could have been worse!

“Let’s Roll”

Eleven years ago this week, our nation was attacked by nineteen Arab Muslims who took nearly 3,000 innocent lives when they hijacked and piloted four commercial airliners into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

Since then, we have declared war against the Islamofascist jihadists, gone after them and then watched our elected politicians give up our righteous position to vanquish the enemy in the war against those determined to overtake our country and turn it into a Shariah law-ruled caliphate.

This week’s Surfin’ Safari column is dedicated to those who lost their lives in that tragic attack, to those who’ve given up their lives since in the defense of our country and to their families who have had to carry on without their loved ones.

We must never forget.

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