First, let me announce that I am a staunch GOP supporter. I love Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They bring style, elegance and grace to the GOP along with positive attitude and fresh ideas. I also live in the state of Missouri. I believe if we did not have other distractions, they would in fact be the president and vice president of the U.S. We need them. We do not need distractions like Todd Akin.

Karl Rove is not the problem. I applaud him on attempting to be part of the solution. I have and will continue to support the GOP nationally; in the state of Missouri, not so much.

It is not just Congressman Akin’s comments that have infuriated people in the state of Missouri. It is primarily his dismal voting record. Half the time in the past two years he has not bothered to show up for important votes. Obviously his campaigning has been his first priority – not his constituents. His entire platform is about abortion/stem-cell research. I would like to add that I am a breast cancer survivor. Without advanced medicine like stem-cell research, we would not be able to have the treatments and strides that we have today.

Mr. Akin’s comments that a woman’s body can “shut down” a pregnancy after rape are not only absurd but also frightening and dangerous. He refuses to say where he got this data, and his ego has allowed him to think he will be the next senator from the state of Missouri. We hope not.

Think about it – do you really think he will vote for the GOP after they have essentially “kicked him to the curb” throughout this process? I think not. Once again, he will either abstain or be “absent” for important deciding matters – something other than abortion/stem-cell research. We need to work together and unify – not divide.

Abortion has no place in November’s GOP platform. It is Obamacare, jobs, economy, energy. However, Todd Akin and the “Religious Right” have made this fight front and center. Hopefully, Todd Akin and the “Religious Right” do not believe that coat hangers and knitting needles are acceptable forms of contraception.

In conclusion, I will be along with at least 30 other friends/colleagues that will be crossing party lines and voting for Claire McCaskill. It pains me GREATLY to do this. However, if it comes down to a choice of Claire McCaskill or an unstable hack politician, I will take Claire and hold my nose. Even Anthony Weiner had the good grace and class to step down. Unfortunately, Todd Akin does not possess either of these qualities.

Judi Moore

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