You’ve been hearing a lot more about EMP, these days. It’s not just a science fiction plot for TV shows and movies. As “Urban Danger” reveals, it’s a genuine threat – more a question of when electro-magnetic pulse will change our lives forever than if.

Find out what the issues are and what YOU can do to not only survive but also thrive.

Far from a “survivalist” film, “Urban Danger” takes a common-sense look at our roots, finding practical solutions to problems we face today. You will meet many people from all walks of life who show you the common-sense preparations they are making for difficult times ahead. And in the process, they have found a superior quality of life. They have found what “real living” is all about.

“Urban Danger” is just one of the new products in the WND Superstore this week. Here are some of the other new books, videos and other products that are sure to capture your interest:

  • “Planned Bullyhood” by Karen Handel: Here’s the truth behind the headlines about the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G Komen for the Cure. In 2011, Susan G. Komen for the Cure was growing weary of the “pink” being tarnished by its health grants to Planned Parenthood, whose many controversies were fueling backlash against Komen. They wanted to remove themselves from the pro-life/abortion debate and made what they thought was a rational, reasonable decision: seek neutral ground in the culture war by severing ties with Planned Parenthood – and in turn, eliminate a major headache while opening a new, robust fund-raising channel. Karen Handel, the organization’s senior vice president of public policy, was tasked with identifying options to disengage. In November, the Komen management and board decided to move forward. Komen and PPH made a “gentle ladies” pact, agreeing to part ways amicably and acknowledging that a media firestorm was in no one’s best interest. Yet, six weeks later, Planned Parenthood unleashed an attack so vicious and so seamlessly executed that it had to have been premeditated and precisely timed. Planned Parenthood attacked Komen against the backdrop of the Obama administration’s clash with the Catholic Church over contraception. After just three days, following hysterical cries that “Komen was abandoning women,” Komen capitulated and reversed course. Handel – a lifelong pro-life Republican who was raised Catholic – was immediately made the target. She resigned within days of Komen’s reversal. Liberals called her a right-wing Trojan horse. The pro-life community hailed her as a hero. She insists she is neither. Find out why the foundation capitulated.

  • “Economics for Everybody: Applying Biblical Principles to Work, Wealth & the World” by R.C. Sproul: Everybody talks about it. The news is full of it. But most Christians know very little about it. Economics: it’s everywhere, influencing everything, yet so rarely understood. “Economics for Everybody” seeks to remedy that through an insightful and entertaining exploration of the principles, practices, and consequences of economics. Thoroughly unconventional, it links entrepreneurship with lemonade, cartoons with markets, and Charlie Chaplin with supply and demand. It’s funny, clever, profound and instructive. If you want to know why economics is so important to understand, this is the series for you. In our day and age, it’s a message every Christian needs to hear. Package includes DVD and Study Guide.

  • “Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure” by Kirk Cameron: “Monumental” is the story of America’s beginnings. Presented, produced, and starring Kirk Cameron, the 90-minute true story follows this father of six across Europe and the U.S. as he seeks to discover America’s true “national treasure” – the people, places, and principles that made America the freest, most prosperous and generous nation the world has ever known. “Monumental” is heralded as “inspiring,” “beautifully executed,” “powerful” and “one meant to teach.” Long regarded as “the land of opportunity,” there’s no question the tiny band of religious outcasts who founded this country hit upon a formula for success that went way beyond what they could have imagined. How else can you explain the fact that they established a nation that has become the best example of civil, economic and religious liberty the world has ever known? What formula did they discover? What motivated them to come here in the first place? More importantly, how can we apply these same foundational truths today? Take your family on a new adventure to discover the true national treasure of America.

  • “The Obama Confession” by Dr. Andrew G. Hodges: He has identified killers by studying ransom notes, emails, letters, and police interviews to spot secret confessions. He decoded O.J.’s “suicide note” to confirm he had committed a double murder. He deciphered the JonBenet ransom note to identify the child’s killer. He decrypted letters from BTK to predict that he was about to kill again – the only profiler to do so. He studied statements by Joran van der Sloot and Deepak Kalpoe to tie them to the slaying of Natalee Holloway. He showed how Casey Anthony secretly confessed to killing her daughter in 200 letters written to a jail mate. He even decoded Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky confession/apology on TV, revealing the awful pain which led to Clinton’s self-sabotaging behavior. Now psychiatrist and forensic profiler Dr. Andrew G. Hodges gets inside the mind of a different kind of deceiver, an unscrupulous politician: Barack Obama. Using a unique psycholinguistic technique he calls “ThoughtPrint Decoding” to “read between the lines” of people’s statements – called “the cutting-edge of forensic science” by expert investigators – Hodges ultimately discovers the truth. By analyzing two of Obama’s most important speeches and two heartfelt letters to his daughters, he delves into the president’s unconscious and decodes his deeper messages. These communications originate from a part of the subconscious Hodges calls the “super intelligence” – the amazing intuitive power hinted at in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink.” It’s a brilliant see-all, tell-all part of our minds. Here is Obama’s whole story – his deeper narrative. On the surface, readers will follow him from his controversial birth, to his Muslim childhood, to his earliest indoctrination by radical left-wing activists, and finally to his historic ascension to the White House. But below the surface, where the super intelligence reigns, Obama’s story takes some utterly unexpected turns as he answers every question about himself – and then some. Obama reveals the completely secret trauma that controls his life, resulting in his deep misguided fury expressed toward America. Behind his easy going demeanor lurks an unimaginable fury – for good reason. Obama provides his answers “in code” to these and other cutting-edge questions: Just how dangerous a president is he, really? Is he secretly gunning for America, working for her demise, or is that just right-wing hype? What does he really have to say about accusations of being an illegal, foreign-born president? What does he truthfully tell us about his birth certificate? What does he tell us about the identity of his biological father? What about his true religion? Did he authentically “convert to Christianity” just to get elected by a largely Judeo-Christian electorate? Or does he harbor in his heart loyalty to Islam, the religion of his birth and early educative environment? Deep down, what does Obama have to say about race relations today? What does he passionately believe is America’s greatest problem? Does Obama’s super intelligence have a vision for America which unites us in constructive ways? Or is his method solely to destroy traditional American culture and politics? While consciously he is ardently pro-choice – he was the only senator to favor violent partial-birth abortion – what does his super intelligence have to say on the question of life?

  • “The Price of Politics” by Bob Woodward: Based on 18 months of reporting, Woodward’s 17th book “The Price of Politics” is an intimate, documented examination of how President Obama and the highest profile Republican and Democratic leaders in the United States Congress attempted to restore the American economy and improve the federal government’s fiscal condition over three and one half years. Drawn from memos, contemporaneous meeting notes, emails and in-depth interviews with the central players, “The Price of Politics” addresses the key issue of the presidential and congressional campaigns: the condition of the American economy and how and why we got there. Providing verbatim, day-by-day, even hour-by-hour accounts, the book shows what really happened, what drove the debates, negotiations and struggles that define, and will continue to define, the American future.

  • Single Tactical Bands (Solid or Duo Tone Colors):Historically sold directly to the U.S. Military, and now the private sector. Started with the outdoor markets like hunting and camping. The idea for the bands originated in WWII as a way for our soldiers and Marines to carry emergency cordage into the field with them. Our guys are still using them today in Afghanistan. The cord can be unraveled to provide the wearer with about nine feet of USA-made 550 mil-spec paracord (that can be broken into individual strands for a total of about 80 feet of 50 lb test), to make emergency shelters, repair broken gear, tourniquets, thousands of uses. You choose your own size, colors, messages.

  • “The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story” directed by Robert Buchar: Many Americans today are not happy with the direction the country is heading. They are wondering why the progressive movement got so strong, moving the country to become another big EU. But the spread of socialism in the United States is not just an internal issue. To fully understand what is going on in America today we need to know where the conquest to destroy our way of life was seeded, by whom, and what is the underlying strategy? Did communism really die in 1989 with the end of the Cold War as we were told by the media and our politicians? Nikita Khrushchev said to the Vice President Richard Nixon back in 1959: “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” For five years Robert Buchar has been interviewing intelligence experts, dissidents, defectors and Cold Warriors. What he discovered was an altogether different reality. The United States is heading for trouble and the only way to understand it in all its complexity is to learn what really happened in the past. As we near the final destination of a so-called New World Order, it is very important to realize who planned this journey. Is it possible that the political establishment in the West simply doesn’t want to know the truth? This video documentary on DVD features Vladimir Bukovsky, Angelo Codevilla, Petr Cibulka, Joseph D. Douglass, Robert Gates, Edward Jay Epstein, Oleg Gordievsky, Bill Gertz and more.

  • “To Eat or not To Eat?” (DVD) by Jim Staley: Does God really care about what we eat? If not, then where in the scriptures does it say that God changed His mind from what He told His people back in the book of Genesis? Are you thinking of Acts 10, Galatians 2, Mark 7 or maybe Colossians 2? This teaching leaves no stone unturned as every single scripture used by theologians and church-goers alike concerning the subject is thoroughly examined. You will be amazed and shocked when you see for yourself that for over 1,800 years we have read into the scriptures things that just aren’t there. You will truly be perplexed at the power of tradition and how the doctrine of “Jesus dying so we can eat anything.

Those are just some of the new and notable products at the WND Superstore, the e-commerce engine for discerning minds and spirits.

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