Obama's campaign flag

Americans and the moviemaker have no [freedom of expression] rights that Shariah law is bound to respect.

~ Paraphrase of Justice Taney’s Dred Scot case (1857)

Happy Birthday to me! (51); yet I cannot celebrate.

Everyone remembers that famous Newsweek cover of February 2009 – “We Are All Socialists Now.” Similarly, recent perilous events exploding throughout the Middle East and at home here in America have forced me to come to this conclusion: “We are all under Shariah law now.”

President Barack Obama’s official campaign flag replaces the 50 stars of Old Glory representing the United States with his communist-inspired “Forward” symbol. Why? Remember, from ages 9-18 Marxist ideology was drilled into young Obama’s head three times a week by his “real” father, the communist propagandist Frank Marshall Davis.

Symbolism is a primary power tactic historically used by tyrants and dictators to capture the minds and hearts of the masses and to deify their messianic cult “Leader.” For example, Mussolini’s Italian fascist used the fasces; the Soviet communists used the hammer and sickle; and the German Nazis the swastika to affirm that their tyrannous regimes were all-powerful, all-present and inevitable.

Obama and Hillary continue to blame a movie trailer nobody has seen allegedly mocking the prophet Muhammad as the cause of American embassies coming under siege throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Americans and the moviemaker have no rights Shariah law is bound to respect.

Obama hates the U.S. Constitution. To hell with the Ninth and 10th Amendment’s federalist constitutional principles which greatly reduce federal power over states rights; to hell with Natural Law, federalism and the original intent of the constitutional framers; to hell with separation of powers, liberty, free-market capitalism and the rule of law. Obama is socialism on steroids as he continues his revolution against America. His existential liberal fascism has now moved America beyond the parochialism of a democratic republic, where 50 sovereign states and the federal government operate by the consent of the governed, to devolve into a European-style Marxist state. Incidentally, this treasonous path was launched against us over 100 years ago by America’s first progressive president, Theodore Roosevelt (1901-09) and followed by every progressive president since – especially by Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Obama (Harding, Coolidge and Reagan notwithstanding).

We are all under Shariah law now.

On the eve of World War II, the godfather of modern socialist appeasers, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, thought he could reason with the megalomaniacal Adolf Hitler. He even signed a so-called peace pact with him, and as that spineless weakling travelled back to England iconic movie footage was shot of him at the airport waiving that piece of paper in the air and triumphantly announcing, “We have peace in our time.” In the meantime, Hitler and his Nazi forces had already invaded (annexed) Austria (March 1938) and would soon annex Czechoslovakia (March 1939). In fact Hitler had such contempt for Neville Chamberlain and his weak, appeasement policies toward him that a year after the British/German Munich Pact, Nazi tanks rolled eastward toward Poland, on Sept. 1, 1939, launching World War II. Chamberlain fell, and the great statesman Sir Winston Churchill arose and embraced his destiny to properly defend his beloved England.

Churchill, Reagan and Thatcher would never allow a seventh-century primitive cult like Islam to dictate our foreign policy, domestic policy and essentially render America’s First Amendment guarantees – freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press – to fall prostrate before the prophet Muhammad and Islam. This Democratic socialist appeasement to Muslim fanaticism is outrageous and puts Americans worldwide in grave danger.

We are all under Shariah law now.

And now the most famous art museum in the world, the Louvre, after spending a decade and over $130 million dollars has just opened up a Muslim wing. If Socrates were alive today to see the last pathetic shreds of Western civilization his beloved Athens birthed 2,500 years ago blow in the wind like chaff, I like to think he would ask the following dialectical questions:

  • France, do you think that closing 20 embassies in the Middle East and closing every French school in Africa in fear of Muslim reprisals over a cartoon mocking Muhammad will save your servile nation, or will your cowardice only embolden Islamic radicals to even more acts of international savagery?
  • France, do you think that spending $130 million dollars on a Muslim wing to the famous Louvre Museum will turn the hearts of religious fanatics toward France, when Muslims are commanded by their scriptures in the Quran to “kill the infidels where you find them”?
  • President Obama, why do you continuously and falsely blame a movie trailer allegedly mocking the prophet Muhammad for the vicious attacks on America’s embassies throughout the world when you knew these attacks were pre-planned by al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood to coincide with America’s commemorations of mourning on 9/11?
  • America, why do you continue to pay tens of billions of dollars to Muslim countries who only hate and despise you as a weak and decadent nation of infidels?
  • America, why does your president use communist campaign slogans on his official campaign flag?
  • Why does Obama constantly promote Marxist policies and appeasement to Muslims, yet not one of the 535 members of Congress has the stones to consistently call President Obama a Marxist, a socialist and a Muslim sympathizer?
  • Does freedom of expression for Muslims exceed that of 320 million Americans?

We are all under Shariah law now.

French weekly Charlie (“Charb”) Hebdo’s chief editor, who has been under police protection for a year since the publication’s Paris office was fire bombed in November 2011, defended the cartoons.”Muhammad isn’t sacred to me,” he said in an interview at the weekly’s offices, on the northeast edge of Paris amid a cluster of housing projects. “I don’t blame Muslims for not laughing at our drawings. I don’t live under Quranic law, I live under French law.”

To that ignorant statement of false bravado, “I don’t live under Quranic law,” I would only add two words … not yet.

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