A few years ago, when I read “The Manchurian President,” by investigative writers Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott, I was quite alarmed. It was clear from their groundbreaking research that the man elected president of the United States was a shadowy character wholly unlike the feel-good image crafted by his campaign.

Now, in the run-up to the possibility of a catastrophic second term for Barack Obama, Klein and Elliott have done it again. In “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed”, the writers show conclusively that this change agent in the Oval Office fully intends to “finish off” America if given the chance.

Might I add: there are several books this season that expose Obama for what he is. “Fool Me Twice” is my favorite.

In this offering, the writers concentrate on the policies created by Team Obama, for the purpose of shrinking America in every way. From his insistence that our armed forces be hamstrung (can you imagine Churchill telegraphing to the Nazis his own troops’ movements?), to plans for a national infrastructure bank … Obama is far from the bumbling, “in-over-your-head” goof that even many conservatives assume him to be.

And the sheer amount of staggering, stupefying detail that Klein and Elliott have uncovered will hopefully make the electorate angry enough to effect their own change in November.

Consider Obama’s decision to effectively fund the terror group, Hamas: “In a shocking misuse of taxpayer money, in February 2012, one week after the Palestinian Authority entered into a unity government with the Hamas Islamist terror organization, the U.S. announced the continuation of a $100 million, five-year program initiated in 2010 to construct ‘environmentally and socially sustainable’ buildings for the Palestinians. The website for the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem posted the plans, which include a community center and school to be built to meet ‘stringent third-party-verified “green” certification standards.'”

The recent American blunder of funding the Palestinians plays right into the hands of Obama, whose Muslim sympathies are out in the open.

Or consider Obama’s tactic of aligning himself with ideological bedfellows that enhance his own political goals. This is reflected in his association with such people as Harvard Law adviser Lawrence Tribe, who “interprets” the Constitution to side favorably with Democrat presidents.

Frankly, there are so many devious initiatives put forth by Obama that the average American doesn’t have time to digest the implications (which is why “Fool Me Twice” is so valuable, with its brief but densely packed guide to this president’s plan to bring down the country.

For example, Team Obama fervently wants the government to control jobs: “The progressive Democrats’ game plan is to introduce, re-introduce and cut and paste jobs legislation until – like the 2009 stimulus package and the gargantuan 2010 ObamaCare bill (“Let’s pass it and then we’ll find out what’s in it”) – they manage to force through more and more taxpayer-funded, government-controlled jobs and entitlement programs.”

As the authors point out, Rutgers economics professor Philip Harvey is one of these progressive Democrats Obama depends upon.

Harvey advocates government-controlled job creation, but notice what Klein and Elliott point out: “And who would operate and oversee such massive programs for the necessary 8.2 million jobs Harvey projects would be required to reduce the unemployment rate to 4.5 percent? Government, government, government: federal, state and local. Participants would be paid at ‘approximately the same wage that persons with similar qualifications and experience reasonably can expect to receive in the regular labor market.’ But individuals would not be guaranteed the same wages they’d enjoyed in their last jobs. Rather, they would be paid the ‘prevailing wage for the positions they were offered based on their qualifications and experience.'”

Yet, Obama’s policies caused the unemployment rate to mushroom his first year in office. Why should voters validate him and his friends by granting Obama a second disastrous term? In short, “progressive” Democrat policies – the kind chillingly outlined in “Fool Me Twice” – don’t work and in fact slow the economic growth rate, primarily because they are hostile to small business.

The authors of “Fool Me Twice” leave us with perhaps the most disturbing bit of information yet: that the 2012 elections could be “hijacked” by an imperial-minded Obama. This very discussion has been on the lips of millions of Americans since it became obvious that Obama was the kind of change agent we don’t need.

Klein and Elliott trace the multiple ways that voter fraud and even tampering with the Electoral College could transform America overnight. Their spotlight on a foreign-based company, Scytl, and its manipulation of new, online U.S. voting systems is alone worth the price of this book.

Educate yourselves, dear Americans, and internalize the message of “Fool Me Twice”: If the country is foolish enough to elect this man a second time, there will be no more country.

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