Sean Hannity

After two American embassies were attacked, leaving four dead, an angry Hannity told listeners that these events represented “the humbling of America. It’s weakness for all to see, and it’s all because of Barack Obama.

“We are living through the rise to power of radical Islamists, and we’re doing nothing!” Hannity continued. “We’re even afraid to say anything! We’re apologizing for things we ought never apologize for. These events, as I have been predicting on this show for a long time, will have tremendous consequence. This will do enormous damage to the U.S. and our position in the world” (FREE audio).

Rush Limbaugh

“How long does this country have if Obama wins?”

Rush Limbaugh made a dire prediction this week: Only 18 months would elapse after Obama’s reelection before the United States suffered an “economic collapse” and the loss of its status as “the leader of the world.”

Limbaugh also predicted that such an eventuality would mean “the end of the Republican Party” and the emergence of a third, more conservative and/or libertarian one. (FREE audio).

A nervous first-time caller made a startling proposal that Rush quickly embraced: that the anti-American unrest currently unfolding in Africa and Middle East has nothing to do with a low-budget “anti-Muslim” movie and everything to do with the Democratic Party’s constant boasts about killing Osama bin Laden (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Speaking to listeners about his own profession, Savage confided that a heated rivalry exists between famous conservative broadcasters.

“Everybody on the conservative side hates everybody else,” Savage noted. “Nobody likes anybody. Everybody puts everybody else down behind the scenes.”

“The left is united; the right is divided,” he continued. “And the reason is simply because we conservatives are more free spirited. We’re not as bound by a party” (FREE audio).

Many liberals were blaming the anti-American uprisings around the globe on a supposedly anti-Islamic movie on YouTube. However, Michael Savage pointed the finger in a very different direction: at the “ivory tower” leftists who wield considerable influence in the Obama administration.

“Are these eggheads in the White House that naive to think that Islamists are going to love them?” Savage asked rhetorically. “Are they that nuts?”

Aaron Klein

Leave it to investigative broadcaster Aaron Klein to disrupt a CODEPINK anti-Israel protest, confront Maxine Waters over the rampant corruption plaguing so-called government “stimulus” projects, then chat live with the head of the New Black Panther Party – all in one show!

Plus: Klein wonders if an “October surprise” is in the works to try to disrupt the November election results and speculates on Obama’s second-term plans regarding immigration reform, the economy and the U.S. nuclear arsenal (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

“Get your a– in gear!”

That was Mark Levin’s blunt advice to Mitt Romney and his campaign (FREE audio).

Levin also had a stirring musical message to the anti-American protesters in Cairo and Libya – and those charged with protecting U.S. interests at home and abroad: He played the official songs of all branches of the U.S. armed forces. With its reference to “the shores of Tripoli,” the “Marine Hymn” was a particularly timely choice (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Mitt Romney came under attack this week for his statement condemning the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. The press’s criticism of Romney was mostly petty and clearly biased.

Laura Ingraham pointed out that, as an accidentally “hot” microphone revealed, the reporters at that presser seemed to be colluding in agreeing what questions they would ask Romney, perhaps in an attempt to make the candidate look bad.

Later, National Journal’s Major Garrett offered his take on Mitt Romney’s statement, which he explained was meant to be a critique of the president’s foreign policy over the course of his entire term, not just in his handling of this week’s disastrous events.

Ingraham also seemed to echo Rush Limbaugh’s statementsto the effect that if the GOP loses the election in November to an opponent as weak as Obama, “They should shut down the party.”

Glenn Beck

It was an emotional week for Glenn Beck. He offered a reflection on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks (FREE webcam).

Then he blasted both the “American hating animals” who murdered U.S. personnel in Libya and the “negligent” media, which is misreporting the events (FREE webcam).

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