What if this had been today’s lead story at MSNBC: “Having made the decision to truly differentiate himself from his opponent, Barack Obama announced yesterday that he would not allow social issues such as same-sex marriage and ‘reproductive choice’ to distract him from his main message of wealth redistribution. Obama said, ‘While the issue of same-sex marriage may be important to some of those who would vote for the Democratic ticket, I cannot be distracted from my main objective of bringing equal outcome to the people of this nation.'”

OK, this statement will never be made by President Obama, but just for a minute let us suppose he did say just this at the beginning of 2012. Where would he be in the polls today?

Would homosexuals and lesbians, who have, for the most part, above average incomes, be pouring money and effort into his campaign?

Would the various pro-abortion groups and the wealthy abortion industry headed by Planned Parenthood be working nearly full time for his re-election?

This is the bare truth: Without the social issues voters, such as those associated with homosexual and abortion “rights” groups, no Democrat can win a national election. That is why Obama courts this vote so diligently. It is the very reason he declared just this year that he had “evolved” to support same-sex marriage.

Just as the Democrats cannot win a national election without their social issues voters, neither can the Republicans win a national election without their social issues voters. Yet, from the primary season on, Mitt Romney has run an “It’s all about money and taxes” campaign. The lack of issues other than money to motivate the voters is why Mitt Romney is behind in the polls just weeks before the election.

Gov. Mitt Romney simply does not understand who makes up the GOP base. He and a lot of other rich Republicans think the GOP base consists only of taxpayers, and that is far from true.

I am the chairman of a social conservative political action committee called Government Is Not God. The PAC is small enough that unlike the Republican fundraising machine, I actually see the checks people send in and read their notes. I have personally spoken to many of the supporters of the PAC. About half of the supporters of Government Is Not God are part of the 47 percent who Romney said would not vote for him because they are “in the wagon” instead of pulling by paying taxes. Yet, these are the people sending me money to run ads to defeat Barack Obama and elect socially conservative candidates to the House and Senate such as Allen West and Todd Akin.

Many GING-PAC supporters, who normally vote GOP and who are “in the wagon” (paying no taxes), are retired and have limited incomes other than Social Security. They did work hard and pay taxes for many years, and now they worry about the future of their children and grandchildren.  Many are veterans who want a strong nation. Others of our supporters are younger people with lower incomes who fear that the moral values of the nation are declining and who want men and women in public office who support the traditional family.

The overall GOP base that is “in the wagon” is probably a lower percentage than those who support GING-PAC.  Still, the general estimate is that 35 percent of the GOP base is “in the wagon” and could care less if income tax rates are lowered because they don’t pay any income taxes now and probably never will. Money does not motivate these socially conservative Americans to vote for Republican candidates.

Yet, Gov. Romney has again and again given the speech above – the one that President Obama never gave – stating clearly that social issues are a “distraction” in an election that is “all about the economy.”

If it is all about the economy, can Gov. Romney please explain why he has a lower approval rating than President Obama in Virginia, which maintains pretty strong traditional values?

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that in Virginia Gov. Mitt Romney insists on campaigning only in the blue areas of the state, hoping to convince social liberals that they need to vote for him to increase their incomes. He has done the same thing in Ohio and other swing states, ignoring the suburban and rural areas that are rich in social conservative voters. His campaign has virtually no get-out-the-vote effort in rural areas, where he needs to carry upward of 70 percent to overcome the big-city liberal voting bloc.  Perhaps Romney thinks those conservatives will “come around anyway.”

Many social conservative voters have not “come around anyway” as of yet.

Gov. Romney’s very closed palace guard, which refuses to even listen to anyone on the other side of the mote, is losing an election that a one-eyed dog with bad breath should have been able to win. But a one-eyed dog would have had enough instinct to at least rub his ugly head up against the legs of his benefactors once in awhile.



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