Mr. Farah,

I have been reading WND since its inception.

Recently, I have found more and more of your personal stances bordering on divisive and even appalling.

As a believer, I can appreciate your affiliation with certain Christian teachers and contact. However, in some ways, now you have lost the grace God demands.

Your assault on Karl Rove at this time seems like nothing more than a personal vendetta. What he said was stupid, though not as stupid as Akin’s definition on rape and his insistence to stay in the race and destroy the GOP’s chance to win a critical Senate seat in Missouri. I am quite sure many of us have said things in hindsight that we wish we could with draw by trying to be funny or sarcastic. The insult and humiliating foolishness laid on women who were violently attacked by Rep. Foot-In-Mouth Akin, however, is FAR more serious than Rove’s ill thought out and foolish statement in a moment of trying to be funny. It is sad to see your run him over with political correctness. Yes, it was wrong. We get it. Stop trying to dredge it up over and over, my goodness.

You wrote: “Rove is a disgrace to the Republican effort to win the White House and the Congress for Republicans. He has become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.”

Sadly, I am thinking more and more, that second sentence applies to WND and your commentaries. Akin is the embarrassment that has hurt the Republicans and should be your focus. Whatever!

Dennis Mitchell

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