The unanimous verdict on the first presidential debate is that Romney won decisively. Romney brought his “A-game,” and Obama barely showed up.

Now the fun begins.

If you think the Obama team has played dirty in the campaign thus far, well, hold on: You ain’t seen nothing yet. The recent Obama ad employing, literally, Romney’s garbage man is probably a signal of things to come from the bottom of the SEIU garbage can.

Fortunately for the nation, Romney need not stoop to that level. Romney and Ryan can simply ask obvious questions about Obama’s public record, and the questions are endless.

Here are some of the questions on topics other than the economy Romney should ask the president during the next presidential debate.

  1. Mr. President, with all due respect, why haven’t you fired Attorney General Eric Holder for his role in the illegal and scandalous Fast and Furious “gun-walking” program, which has caused the deaths of more than 300 Mexican citizens and at least two American law enforcement agents? That program was not started under President Bush, who always consulted with the government of Mexico on cross-border issues, something your team did not do in this case. When will you take responsibility for this mistake and fire Mr. Holder?
  2. Why do you continue to insult the Hispanic citizens of our country with your attempted bribe of administrative amnesty for a million young illegal immigrants when the unemployment rate among Hispanics under 30 is more than 10 percent?
  3. Why did you and your U.N. spokesman, Susan Rice, continue to lie to the American people for a week following the murder of our ambassador to Libya, even though our intelligence agencies told you within 24 hours that it was a planned terrorist attack and not a spontaneous act in response to an amateurish film no one in Libya had even seen?
  4. Iran is very close to possessing a nuclear bomb and your policy of incremental sanctions is a total failure. When will you acknowledge that failure and issue an ultimatum to Iran?
  5. Why were you so quick to take sides in the so-called “Arab Spring” revolts in Egypt and Libya, but you sat silent as the tyrannical regime in Iran murdered thousands of citizens who were protesting a stolen election? The protesters asked for our support and you did nothing. Why?
  6. Why have you told your appointees in the EPA to issue new rules and regulations that will impose enormous costs on small businesses at a time when all evidence says our air is getting cleaner and our water is less polluted? Shouldn’t we impose a moratorium on new environmental regulations until small-business employers have a chance to absorb the tax increases you are already imposing on them?
  7. Why did you lie to the American people about your health-care reform bill when you promised that health insurance premiums would not increase, and that people could keep their own doctor if they wanted to? Both promises have been broken.
  8. Why did you promise the American Catholic community and other religious institutions that the rights of conscience would be protected under your new health-care plan – and then order your bureaucrats to ignore that promise and publish regulations that violate the religious conscience of tens of millions of Americans?
  9. Why have you allowed your appointees in the Department of Justice to harass and file lawsuits against states trying to protect the integrity of elections by requiring a photo ID for voting, which makes sense and is supported by 70 percent of all Americans?
  10. Why did your State Department deny the requests for additional security for the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, despite the known dangers from armed militia groups and threats from al-Qaida affiliated terrorists? Have you asked Secretary of State Clinton to explain her mismanagement of embassy security in the region?

Romney could also ask a question about Obama’s support for a new United Nations Small Arms Treaty that will endanger American’s Second Amendment rights. There are dozens of other questions begging for answers, aside from ones about Obama’s mishandling of the economy.

Obama has no answers when pressed about his record of failure and folly. He can only demonize his critics and offer more vague promises about where he wants to go in the next four years. Romney must not let him get away with those evasions.


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