Re: “Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool”

Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Obama: America survived the first three disasters, but can it survive more years of Obama?

No respecter of the rule of law, Congress or the courts, much less the Constitution, Obama in a second term would constitute a serious threat to domestic tranquility, national security and individual freedoms.

It’s doubtful that a major swath of the American population could, or even would, tolerate another four years of this obnoxious and conniving demagogue flagrantly overstepping his authority via executive orders and unconstitutional aggression.

Suppose the worst happens and the “empty chair” mouths the Oath of Office for a second time. Comes another four darkened years of Obama’s lies, corruption, overspending, new taxation, trillions more in debt creation and executive-order tyranny. In flashy response, however, taxpayers and producers pulling the wagon could withdraw consent of the governed during “national days of polite refusal.” Every time Obama issues an executive order bypassing Congress and the will of the people, directly attacks constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, launches an unprovoked attack on a nation not at war with the U.S., or appoints judges determined to betray the Constitution, let there be a national day of polite refusal that rejects Obama and his administration. It’s polite refusal – refusal to work, refusal to spend, refusal to travel, refusal to go along with a tyrant. Given enough obdurately polite refusals, Obama and his crowd will fall politically like rotted fruit off a shriveled tree.

Herman B.

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