Overlook the socialist smirks of Obama and Biden in their TV debates, Biden’s loutish 82 interruptions (one a minute) and the harridan who “moderated” the veep face-off and let her fellow socialist get away with it. The value of these debates is that they are happening at all: for a curious defect in Western politics is that real debate has become rare.

The head-to-head debates have been unexpectedly revealing. They showed up Obama as helpless without a script and ignorant of his facts. They exposed Ryan as too nice: He even fumbled the patsy question on baby-butchering by not bluntly telling the hideous Biden that in indulging abortion he was at odds with his own church. No Catholic can in conscience vote “Democrat.”

Above all, the debates revealed the failure of all four candidates to confront the coming crisis of communism. In a now-celebrated TV voxpop, a voter who had yelled “Obama is a communist!” was asked why she thought him a communist. She replied: “If you don’t know the answer to that, you don’t know nothing.”

Let us give a more detailed answer. As the unmissable movie “2016” has revealed, Obama’s father was communist. His long-standing mentor was communist. His tutor at Harvard was communist. His closest friends are communist. His principal creditors are communist. If it walks like a communist and talks like a communist, maybe it is a communist.

Communists believe the State should be as big, rich and powerful as possible and the citizen as small, poor and helpless as possible. Obama believes that. He has expanded the State by borrowing close to two-thirds as much again as all his predecessors had borrowed in more than 230 years. He has blown it on State-expanding, communism-advancing “stimulus” packages. He has demeaned the citizen by imprisoning tens of millions in hapless welfare dependency.

Communists believe big businesses should be owned by the State. Obama believes that. One of the biggest businesses of the lot is health care. He has nationalized it.

Communists believe any businesses that escape outright State ownership should – in a mendacious proxy for ownership – be regulated down to the tiniest light bulb. Obama believes that. Look how he has encouraged the grim, eminently abolishable Environmental “Protection” Agency to arrogate to itself powers of pettifogging regulation and crippling interference that Article I of the U.S. Constitution denies to anyone but Congress. Look how feeble Congress has been in the face of this and other communist challenges to its constitutional monopoly on legislative power.

Like Muslims, communists believe women should be the common property of men. The only man to whom Barack Hussein (two Muslim names) bows is the king of fanatically Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, where women are treated as mere chattels.

Unlike Muslims, communists believe human life is so unimportant that little children in the womb can be tortured, torn limb from limb and killed, without even an anesthetic. Barack Herod Obama believes that. He has voted for every baby-butchering bill he could, including a bill to allow partial-birth abortion.

Communists hate democracy. Obama is with them on that. What has he done to eradicate the widespread voting fraud – nearly all of it perpetrated by “Democrats” – that is now endemic? Let us hope that when the splendid sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., has finished investigating the Mickey Mouse “birth certificate” on the crime scene that is the White House website he will turn his gallant, unpaid cold-case posse on the voter fraud some say gave Obama the White House.

Communists believe Western democracies should have ever-weaker defenses. Obama has drastically cut the size and reach of America’s once-proud armed forces. Soon your navy will be smaller than it was before the First World War, while Obama’s communist friends and creditors in Red China are quietly building the most monstrous fleet the world has known.

The presidential debates have revealed just how inadequately the Republicans (many of whom are not communists) are equipped to deal with the communist menace in the White House.

My deadline does not permit me to comment on the second Obama/Romney TV debate. But, since it has a town meeting open to both domestic and foreign-policy issues, most questioners will ask how many sweeties each party would give to some rent-seeking, self-serving vested-interest group or another.

The coming crisis of communism is this: “Socialism is all very well until other people’s money runs out” (M. Thatcher). In America, as in Britain and other vassal states of the anti-democratic European tyranny-by-clerk, other people’s money has run out. The vicarious sweetie-auction using other people’s money that is the usual substitute for genuine political debate is dangerously unaffordable.

America is going down. The central failure of the Republicans – some of whom understand the size of the debt problem – is that they have not found the courage to confront it and squarely to admit that those who pay taxes will have to pay more and those who get sweeties will have to get less, that the budget must be balanced immediately, all debt to China and other alien regimes repaid, your nation’s sovereignty restored, and national bankruptcy and collapse pre-empted.

As Cicero once wrote, “The arrogance of the State must be tempered, its spending curtailed, and its revenues increased, lest it become bankrupt.” But then, Cicero was no communist.

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