Try to imagine a world in which the big-three television networks, their radio news arms and a few big-city newspapers decided what Americans should know about their own country and government – and what they should never know.

Leftist governments have always sought to control the media. But big media volunteering to install a leftist government over an entire nation may be unique in human history. Certainly it requires an astonishing level of self-deception by big media’s practitioners. It also requires an astonishingly ignorant view of human history.

As big media have become more and more blinded by the tunnel vision that comes from being sucked down into the socialist-communist whirlpool, they see nothing of the government-controlled existence that awaits them on the other side of the big drain pipe.

There is no excuse for such blindness. Plenty of individuals who have escaped the gulag and the Chinese re-education camps have told of the horrors they endured. Their accounts are met with yawns from big media’s practitioners. “Bring on the glorious revolution!”

Thanks to the journalistic leveling that has taken place with the Internet, more people than ever before have seen the media campaign to install socialist totalitarianism in our government for themselves. They have pushed back, exposing the propaganda and lies exuded by the fourth estate, providing fact-checking and generally exploding the leftist fantasy being peddled by big media. Big media’s response has been to push even harder – and climb on the campaign bus.

In the end, the left is always about government intimidation and force being used against citizens to end dissent. The left’s world is a fantasy, and fantasy requires that we all believe.

Nazi Germany (National Socialist Worker’s Party) was just the warm-up for leftist governments killing their own citizens. Their plan was to rule the world for a thousand years. The number of Jews killed by the Nazis was only a bump on the road to mass murder conducted by the Soviet Union and Communist China. Many estimates put this at over 100 million of their own citizens. The “glorious revolution” personified.

Why murder your own citizens?

Because leftist governments are founded on fantasy. Leftism depends on a world where white is black, good is evil, and the right is always wrong. It depends on indoctrination masquerading as education. Never before has so much expensive education produced so many ignorant citizens. It depends on the left’s twisted version of academic freedom, which prevents leftists from being fired for corrupt research and incompetent product, while it insures there is no freedom for other academics who wander off the communist campus.

In the end, the left’s vision depends on euthanasia and neglect masquerading as government-run health care, where the left decides who lives and who dies, who pays and how much.

The left’s dreams are a fantasy because their government depends upon the failed human beings who comprise that government to somehow make life “fair” for everyone. This is a task God himself never attempted. Jesus instructed us to take care of one another through private charity. He never asked Caesar to tax the rich and give more to the poor.

The leftist fantasy that “fairness,” administered by corrupt and fallen human beings, can somehow be achieved through sufficient government intervention is the single most disastrous idea the world has ever seen.

The fantasy world the left has constructed has never existed, and it never will. All that comes as a result of giving the left governmental power is extinguished freedoms and dead citizens. It matters little if those citizens are Jews, Russians, Chinese or Americans. It matters little if they were euthanized by a death panel deciding their care was too expensive, or shot dead by a firing squad for opposing the left’s onslaught against human freedom and personal responsibility.

Only a media composed of brainwashed, poorly educated intellectual drones would encourage the formation of such a society. And yet big media continue to do just that: No area of life should be free from government regulation. Nowhere can citizens be allowed to think for themselves, so pervasive is the fear that someone will peek behind the curtain and see the great Oz devoid of his clothing before the next election.

We are approaching 50 million Americans on the dole. That means when I stand in line at the grocery checkout, I not only pay for my own groceries, I pay for theirs, too. Fifty million Americans who see big government as the easiest and quickest way to advance. Fifty million Americans who don’t care that their neighbors are paying to raise their kids and feed their families. Fifty million Americans who think the rest of us should do more for them. Fifty million Americans who think free cell phones don’t cost anybody anything. Fifty million Americans who will cheer big media’s slide into totalitarianism.

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