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Christians and Jews for jihad?

In our modern society, there are some subjects that there should be no disagreement on. The American Freedom Defense Initiative put up subway ads that said:

“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, Defeat Jihad.”

In America, we have seen jihad firsthand. We saw in on 9/11. We saw it at Fort Hood. We have seen repeated attempts at jihad. The end result is usually mass murder.

This is a no brainer, right?

The that the American Freedom Defense Initiative put up should not even be controversial. Every American should stand up and say, there is a civilized nation in the Middle East that has democratic elections, protects the rights of its minorities, including Arabs and Muslims, and has been an American ally.

That can be compared to Saudi Arabia, which does not allow Jews nor does it allow Christian churches, or Iran whose state motto is, “Death to the Jews.”

The American Freedom Defense Initiative had to go to court to be allowed to exercise its First Amendment rights and put those billboards up in subways owned by the government. In response, several liberal religious groups have announced they are putting up counter billboards.

The group called “Rabbis for Human Rights” is now putting out an ad that says, “In the choice between love and hate, choose love. Help stop bigotry against our Muslim neighbors.”


Would the rabbis be so kind as to identify which Muslims are nice people and which ones are the crazy terrorists that want to kill the infidel?

I’d love to be friendly to my local Muslim neighbors. But are they the kind of folks who want to grill hamburgers with us on the Fourth of July or are they the ones who believe the Quran literally commands them to “slay them wherever you find them”? (Sura 2:191)

I’m a very talented man, but mind reading is one of those things I just never had time to master. I’d really like to know the intent of someone who is a member of a group that at least in theory advocates murder.

The rabbis are not alone. Jim Wallis, the Marxist religious leader is putting up his own billboard. So are the United Methodist Women, which is a part of the United Methodist Church, or, as I like to call it, the First Church of Karl Marx. They are a great bunch. The leaders of the United Methodist Church have never met anyone who hates America that they did not love.

Interestingly enough, none of these groups had to sue to be allowed to put out their politically correct message.

Israel is a civilized nation. The jihadists are savages. They believe in indiscriminate murder. They don’t care whether their victims are men, women or children. They don’t care whether they are young, old, Jew, Christian or even if they are Muslim.

Is Islam dangerous? The answer to that depends on whom you talk to. Some say all of Islam is evil, while others say it is a minority that have hijacked the religion. If it is a minority, they are the ones running the show. Someone said that when the Nazis first showed up in Germany, they were dismissed as a fringe group. A few years later, they were sending Jews to the concentration camps.

This minority is also the group committing acts of terrorism. They are the ones who want weapons of mass destruction. They are the ones who want to see millions of Westerners dead.

The jihadists are wanton murderers, and, to use the Ayn Rand quote, they are savages. Why opposing them is even controversial is beyond comprehension.

Why some Americans will root against their own nation and cheer for those who support mass murder is one of those mysteries of life that can never be explained.

Einstein once noted the universe has no known limits. The stupidity of those who cannot even understand that there is a time to stand up against evil and a time to choose between the savage and the civilized man is simply unfathomable. That kind of stupidity, like the universe, may be something else that has no known limit.