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Chuck Norris asks Alabama to support Judge Roy Moore

Legendary martial arts champion and film tough guy Chuck Norris is asking residents of Alabama to support Judge Roy Moore’s campaign for chief justice of the state Supreme Court.

Norris, the star of the recently released “Expendables 2,” a shoot ’em-up that also features other Hollywood tough guys, has made a radio ad to promote Moore’s candidacy.

Moore, 64, is the Republican nominee for the office from which he was removed nearly a decade ago in a fight over state-federal rights and the recognition of God in government.

He has promised he will not reprise that argument, and a few weeks back when his Democratic opponent was longtime conservative Harry Lyon, Moore led by 21 points, 54 percent to 33 percent.

Norris says America “is at a tipping point.”

“We need true patriots to get us out of the mess we’re in,” he asserts. “I know Judge Roy Moore, and he is a true patriot.”

Norris’ wife, Gena, adds that Moore has “fought the ACLU and liberal judges to preserve our rights and freedoms.”

Chuck Norris says, “He knows our liberty is given by God, not government.”

Campaign officials said the ad is scheduled to appear soon on the “Rick and Bubba” show, as well as several sports shows.

While polls still show Moore leading, he continues to cross the state, speaking as many as three or four times a day.

Democrats later replaced Lyon with Bob Vance, a Jefferson County circuit judge, but an Alabama blog expressed doubt Vance would succeed.

Get Judge Roy Moore’s classic book about his battle for liberty, “So Help Me God: The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom.”

Vance, the blog said, “released polling numbers showing the race as a dead heat between him and his Republican opponent, Roy Moore – a result that defied conventional wisdom that the 10 Commandments judge is unbeatable.”

“Vance followed that by announcing that he’d raised nearly $500,000 to bankroll his campaign, doubling the amount held by Moore. Vance immediately put the money to work, launching a series of well-produced television ads in the state’s major markets,” said the blog.

“All of that led to speculation that Vance, who only entered the race in September, could be in position to upset Moore. Don’t bet on it, according to state political experts. Vance is well-respected within the Alabama legal community, but barely known outside of it. Moore, by contrast, is virtually a household name, and he’s riding a wave of momentum of his own.”

Hear the new ad:

In a statement posted by Human Events, Norris wrote: “Gone are the days when patriots such as Isaac Shelby, Charles McDowell and Elijah Clark led attacks against loyalist posts during the Revolutionary War. But present today are many other great patriots, aside from the one in the presidential race – such as Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.; Rep. Allen West, R-Fla.; Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, R-Texas; Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo.; Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, “Joe the Plumber,” R-Ohio; and Judge Roy Moore, R-Ala. – who are fighting worthy battles in state election arenas at this very moment.”

Norris endorsed Moore’s campaign in 2010 for governor, noting, “More than just an amazing legal mind, he is first a true patriot and passionate family man.”

He said then Moore is one of the “constitutionally abiding legal eagles who walk in the legacy of our Founding Fathers and who we need serving in every state across our union.”

In the new endorsement, Norris discussed what a “patriot” means to America.

“What’s critical for victory in each of these political rings is that every one of us patriots gets out of the bleachers and onto the battlefield, too,” he wrote. “My wife, Gena, and I might not be running for public office, but we always give our patriotic best to fight for God and country, locally and nationally. That is why we produced our recent political video, titled ‘God & Country,’ which has gone viral and become one of the top political videos in this presidential race. In the public service announcement, we remind people of faith everywhere that Barack Obama won his first election in 2008 by 10 million votes when 30 million evangelicals stayed home on Election Day.”

He continued: “We patriots, Christian and otherwise, must not allow that to happen Nov. 6, 2012! As the adage goes, ‘fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’

“It’s time for patriots everywhere to rally together again and take back America. As patriots did in the battle on Kings Mountain [during the Revolutionary War], we must take a stand in local and national elections and wage war again for our republic. And as our adversaries charge us descending down the hill, we will barrage them with a hail of votes.”

In 2003, Moore was removed the chief justice post by a state panel after he installed a stone monument of the Ten Commandments as part of an acknowledgement of God’s sovereignty over American life.

Moore told WND it would be a “significant statement” for voters to return him to office, “knowing what I stand for.”

He even earned the endorsement of the state AFL-CIO in the race.

Since his removal from office a decade ago, Moore has served with the Foundation for Moral Law and surprised political observers by taking a majority, 51 percent, of the primary vote in March against two other contenders.

As WND also reported, Moore lit a fire in the hearts of tea partiers at the first national convention in Nashville, inspiring four impassioned standing ovations with his reading of a “bill of particulars” against President Obama.

He also told a cheering crowd, “We’re tired of liberal Republicans who don’t hold the principles of their party.”

He’s the author of “So Help Me God: The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom.”

Moore, a periodic WND columnist, has condemned “senseless treaties” like the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, and the Central America Free Trade Agreement, known as CAFTA.

He said the nation’s borders have been opened to criminals and terrorists, the Constitution discarded, the federal government grown in size and scope “far beyond anything our founders ever imagined,” and the nation’s debt is soaring.