Comic legend Jackie Mason has made an election prediction – Mitt Romney will “definitely” win.

Mason said he was convinced of a Romney victory after watching the presidential candidate decimate President Obama during last week’s debate.

Stated Mason: “Not only did Romney wipe the floor with him, he wiped the kitchen sink with him. He wiped the toilet with him. He wiped every part of the place with him.”

The standup comic was speaking during his regular segment on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC.

Mason declared he thinks Romney will “definitely win because no matter what they do or what they say (Americans) saw it for themselves.”

He continued: “This idea of a debate was the most devastating thing that could have happened to this man (Obama). It eliminated all the fraudulent maneuvers that this guy could create and all of the sudden exposed him for what he is – a helpless moron who really doesn’t know what’s going on.

“And just gets away with speeches and con jobs and he’s just a con man who knows how to talk better than the next guy, especially if he’s in front of a teleprompter and there’s no one there to respond to him. And he can create images and excuses to sound like a president.

“He knows how to imitate a president. Ronald Reagan was an actor who became a president. This guy is really an actor. This guy never became a president. He’s still an actor. He is acting the part of a president. He knows what a president should act like and walk like. He knows how to do the impressions of a president.”

On Obama’s debate performance, Mason added, “This was an amazing thing that Romney looked like he was a teacher and the other guy looked like a helpless student who wasn’t even smart enough to answer the question.”

Listen to the interview:

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