When I wrote the book “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” I did envision circumstances possibly becoming worse as regards race relations in America – I just didn’t think they would get quite this bizarre. At present, a lot of what’s going on centers around the upcoming presidential election, but not all. We’ve entered the time of a liberal-fostered hypersensitivity around race that even extends to “racially insensitive” menu items.

But I digress – sort of. As I predicted, Barack Obama’s re-election campaign itself has thus far steered clear of directly employing the race card, but Obama surrogates have enthusiastically embraced the practice. Most recently, the president’s feeble acquittal in the first debate with GOP nominee Mitt Romney elicited some of the weirder race-focused rhetoric.

One of the most absurd theories (the single most absurd overall being Al Gore’s claim that the thin Colorado air befuddled Obama’s brain) was floated by Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC’s “Now” program on Oct. 4. His assertion was that poor President Obama was afraid of coming off like the proverbial (or stereotypical, if you prefer) “angry black man,” distracted by furor over a 2007 tape released by the Daily Caller and Fox News shortly before the debate. You see, Obama was elected by a majority of whites largely because he did not fit that stereotype; give whites the idea that he has that capacity and, reasons Dyson, they’ll flock to Romney en masse.

If that didn’t lower the bar of journalism quite far enough: Late last week, media outlets reported on rapper Snoop Dogg’s “Ten Reasons To Not Vote For Mitt Romney,” a list supposedly obtained from some kindred lowlife and tweeted to his fans. I guess I don’t have to go into the pathos of this talentless guano golem making millions purveying a cult of mediocrity and a destructive lifestyle to black kids, or the manifest evil of the media execs who promote him because they can.

In any case, Mr. Dogg tweets this list that gets picked up by the liberal press (who think it’s clever, I suppose) and the conservative press (who are duly appalled). Riddled with profanity and racism, the list is the quintessence of that representing how the media and blacks themselves have culturally compromised black Americans, mainstreaming a mentally retarded worldview and dialect.

On another front, media whore and utter fraud Marc Lamont Hill, a black associate professor of English and political commentator, released a Columbus Day column enumerating history’s “15 most overrated white people.” Ever the refined angry black man, Hill avoided Dogg’s profanity, but his unapologetically racist screed was an amalgam of racist, Marxist-riddled class warfare, calculated to reinforce white guilt and resentment on the part of more educated black drones.

Two weeks ago, Americans were also admonished by MSNBC’s resident black moron, Touré, to prove they’re not racist and vote for Obama again. Oh, that’s rich. Apparently, that collective lapse in good judgment in voting for him in the first place wasn’t sufficient. Liberal journalists also seem to have decided that just about any term, phrase, or word in the English language can be deemed “racist” if applied to Obama by his detractors.

In cyberspace, Obama supporters – almost certainly egged on by the president’s legions of bloggers and social-media plants – have threatened to riot should Mitt Romney win the presidency next month. They’ve also contended that blacks will once again be relegated to slavery should Romney win (something black liberals also said about Ronald Reagan, by the way). It bears mentioning that much of this has been expressed in urban black patois.

All of this is a reflection of the political left experiencing a primal reaction of self-preservation. It’s not so much about Barack Obama losing as it is about the widespread loss of hearts and minds it has experienced over the last few years. This was taking place prior to Obama being elected and has gained momentum as a result of his administration’s criminally destructive antics.

It’s true that there are a lot of liberals in America. However, most of them are – by design – abysmally unaware of the end game as intended by their leaders, those kind, wise bastions of justice and equality. One has to have more than a nodding acquaintance with history, and thus America’s exceptionality, in order to comprehend the immorality of what progressives have wrought – and most Americans do not, let alone most liberals.

Despite this, progressives’ intention to fast-track America to socialism, surrender our sovereignty and wealth to the United Nations, and pauperize average Americans to “level the playing field” with the Third World (which we have exploited, of course) has become all too clear to millions. This has come to near fruition with this administration. Unchecked, it will result in civil war, because patriotic Americans won’t stand for it, and those living on the government dime will react similarly to their counterparts in Europe when their goodies are withdrawn.

The government has been preparing for that as well. Between these clear signs, and many less apparent, Americans are waking up. An ever-increasing number are realizing how high the stakes are, thus invective and histrionics around the issue of race will not be enough to silence them.

Not this time.

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