Has Obama’s White House press secretary, Jay Carney, ever been willing to respond to the question of whether the Obama administration regards the capital of Israel as Jerusalem, or Tel Aviv – where the U.S. Embassy remains located?

And in how many other nations has the United States government located its embassy in any place other than its capital?

How would the Obama administration react if the Israeli government decided to relocate its embassy in the largely Jewish-populated city of New York?

On July 27, at a daily White House news briefing, Connie Lawn of IRN-USA News Network – and the first in seniority among White House correspondents – asked spokesman Carney:

Q. What city does this administration consider to be the capital of Israel – Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

CARNEY: I haven’t had that question in a while. Our position has not changed, Connie.

Q. What is the position? What’s the capital?

CARNEY: You know our position.

Q. I don’t.

At that point, I became anguished that my good friend, Connie Lawn, was being so outrageously evaded on a question so very seriously related to one of our greatest allies in the world.

Therefore, even though Carney has since refused to allow me to ask any questions (in contrast to 13 other White House press secretaries who have allowed me), I called out the following out of concern for Connie and Israel:

Q. No, no, she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know. That’s why she asked.

CARNEY: She does know –

LAWN: I don’t.

Q. (Kinsolving) She does NOT know. She just said she doesn’t know. I don’t know.

CARNEY: We have long – Les, I call on Christi. Go ahead.

That was followed by an exchange on another subject – after which I called out again:

Q. (Kinsolving) Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

CARNEY: You know the answer.

Q. (Kinsolving) No, I don’t know the answer. We don’t know the answer. Could you just give us an answer? What do you recognize – what does –

CARNEY: Our position hasn’t changed, Lester.

With that, Carney went on to other questions – without ever answering Connie’s and mine about which city the administration recognizes as the capital of Israel.

Has Obama ever been asked about this since last July? Not to our knowledge – in what is a U.S. foreign-policy outrage.

I was deeply grateful that Joseph Farah, founder and editor of WND, declared the following in our support:

“WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving doesn’t get the respect he deserves among his colleagues or in the Obama administration. But this demonstrates the vital public service he provides by being there – even though he is seldom called upon by people like the clueless Carney.

“Let’s face it. Nobody knows what the administration’s position is on a simple matter of which city the U.S. recognizes as the capital of Israel – including the White House spokesman. But Kinsolving wouldn’t let him dodge this bullet. By his dogged persistence, he demonstrated to the entire world this administration is like a rudderless ship.”

Since this July 27 WND report was published, Connie has been told that the video has received more than 2 million hits on various media.

Press Secretary Carney, on the day following his refusal to answer her question, sort of apologized – but he has never answered her question to which I asked for a response, but was refused.

One day later, Mitt Romney, in Jerusalem, declared:

“I am speaking from Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel.”

Let us hope that in tonight’s presidential debate on foreign policy, in Gov. Romney’s questioning of President Obama, any doubt about the location of Israel’s capital – as caused by Obama’s press secretary – may be resolved by the president himself.

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