This week, a sneak preview of the upcoming retread of Al Gore’s Climate Fantasy project. Every lamppost in the last bastion of the British Empire, the Rock of Gibraltar, was decked out with grim, taxpayer-funded personality-cult propaganda posters advertising Fat Al’s address to the new hardish-left government’s excitingly predictable “Thinking Green” propaganda rally in the colony’s boxy indoor sports hall.

Despite a costly media blitz, a third of the nasty, plastic seats on the cramped bleachers were empty. Many of the non-empty seats went to Gibraltar bureaucrats who were told to come, and to enthusiastically naïve students with makeweight free tickets. Paying customers? Half, if that.

The press were relegated to the very back of the hall in case I asked questions: I had press accreditation as a WND columnist, notwithstanding two maladroit attempts by the Gibraltar government’s press office to lose my application.

To underline the hard-leftery of the event, one of Mr. Obama’s campaign managers, Juan Verde (“John Green – how appropriate,” my neighbor drawled), ranted about how The Debate Was Over [bah!] and The Science Was Settled [pshaw!].

Then Fat Al wobbled on to the stage, looking like a misplaced escaper from “Happy Days.” He rambled inconsequentially for five minutes, then all cameras and recording equipment were ejected. Gore does not want his dodgy science scrutinized. But I was watching. The nonsense began:

“We are dumping all this global-warming pollution into the atmosphere as though it were an open sewer” [CO2 is not a pollutant].

“The 10 hottest years on record have all occurred since 1998” [but there has been no global warming since 1997, and it is the rate of warming that is crucial, and it is turning out at less than half what the IPCC’s 1990 “First Assessment Report” had predicted].

Additional CO2 in the atmosphere made the ocean “more acidic” [no, less alkaline: but we can’t measure it].

Gore showed a 2,000-year record of CO2 concentration change and temperature change [but his graph abolished the Roman and Medieval warm periods, as well as the Little Ice Age].

“Temperatures in cities have been breaking all-time records” [if so, the urban heat-island effect, many times greater than global warming, is the chief cause].

Gore cited scientists by name only half a dozen times [on at last half of these occasions, his source was James Hansen, the embarrassing, much-arrested NASA propagandist and serial benefactor of Gore’s re-election campaigns. Gore also cited Kevin Trenberth, another notorious propagandist, and Richard Muller, a “former skeptic” who had never been a skeptic in the first place].

A slide introducing the series of lurid TV clips of droughts, floods, fires, pestilences, boils, toads, frogs, lice, locusts (Psalms of David passim) that made up the bulk of Gore’s presentation said there was a link between the “climate crisis” and extreme weather [no, there isn’t, and just about all the events Gore bloviated about were in the past two years and had known natural causes, and there has been no global warming for close to 16 years. Warming predicted for tomorrow but not evident today cannot have caused yesterday’s floods and droughts].

Gore showed a slide saying, correctly, that a warmer atmosphere can hold more water vapor, a strong greenhouse gas. However, he said twice, incorrectly, that a warmer atmosphere does hold more water vapor [it may or may not].

“The only plausible explanation [for extreme weather] is climate change” [citing Hansen: but this is our ancient friend the argumentum ad ignorantiam, the fallacy of arguing from ignorance. Natural variability is enough to explain all that has occurred].

Gore showed the decline in summer sea ice in the Arctic [but failed to mention the growth in summer sea ice in the Antarctic].

Gore mentioned the decline in land-based ice in West Antarctica [but failed to mention the 30 years’ cooling and land-ice growth in East Antarctica].

Island nations were so threatened by rising sea level the Maldivian Cabinet had held a propaganda meeting underwater [but Gore no longer talked of the 20-foot sea-level rise he had mentioned in his serially inaccurate movie. He failed to record that sea level in the Maldives today is exactly the same as it was 1,200-2,000 years ago].

Populations were being displaced by sea-level rise [but this was one of nine errors found by the judge in a 2007 U.K. High Court case. Gore continues to peddle it notwithstanding, and not one of the errors has been corrected in his sci-fi movie].

Gore said 100 million people would be displaced by every 10 feet of sea-level rise [but did not say that, according to the Envisat satellite, from 2004-2012 sea level rose at a rate just 1/100 of this: i.e. 1 inch/century].

He enthused about China’s wind power, saying it had built 1 GW of turbines [but 1 GW is the equivalent of a single small coal-fired power station. China is building two coal-fired power stations a week].

Saudi Arabia was going for 100 percent renewable energy [which might work in a country of vast deserts, much sunshine and small population but is going to give them difficulty at sundown].

Finally, and this one really takes the biscuit, Gore said: “I just do my best to try to get the truth out” [Yeah, right].

Concerned Gibraltarians are planning to submit a report to the prosecuting authorities, for the Rock is a major financial center, and it does not welcome anyone talking up a false prospectus. Watch this space.

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