Make no mistake – the mainstream voting public in America is beginning to recognize something that has been plain to many of us for a long time. To what degree would be a difficult thing to gauge, but it is occurring. As usual, the establishment press is marshaled against this taking place, but given its nature, it is also contributing to this recognition.

What I am speaking of is the fact that liberals are nasty.

The reason this is coming to light is because their level of nastiness has increased almost exponentially as this election cycle progresses. From politicians to pundits to dedicated liberals online, the rhetoric and campaigns of character assassination aimed at perceived enemies have grown so poisonous, it was inevitable that people who aren’t ideologically-driven – most Americans, as we are led to believe – would catch on.

We can begin with the press, and why not? While a lot of folks blindly bought in to the negative press heaped upon former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in 2008, others were appalled. What so-called journalists did to her pales in comparison to the level to which they have descended this time around, so much so that their antics themselves have become news items.

Although it proved impossible to spin President Obama’s laconic performance in the first presidential debate into an advantage, the apoplectic and hostile reaction among liberal reporters was one of the most shameless displays of partiality ever evidenced. The melodramatic coverage by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews even made the Leno show (on NBC, no less), so shrill were his histrionics.

In the vice-presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and the GOP’s Rep. Paul Ryan, Biden’s body language and general comportment spoke far more loudly than his canned misrepresentations. Forget the fact-checking; his sneering demeanor was condescending and outright disdainful, as though he was protesting being saddled with the burden of even having to sit beside such a low life form, let alone interact with it.

Last week, a plethora of media outfits covered the conflagration around Stacey Dash, the black actress who drew the ire of liberals nationwide when she announced her support for GOP nominee Mitt Romney. I’ve written at great length about the hypocrisy and double standards held by liberals as regards their perception and treatment of black Americans and their open derision of black conservatives; still, the sheer contempt shown Dash by liberal celebrities, pundits and bloggers alike became more of a story than her having endorsed Romney in the first place. Seldom have I seen a clearer expectation of blind adherence to liberal race orthodoxy for a black individual.

Also last week, we were treated to the story of the New Berlin, Wis., school bus driver who was fired after repeatedly harassing a 12-year-old boy because his family supported Romney. This campaign apparently culminated with the driver telling the child that his mother should have aborted him. Online, the social media aggregator Twitchy reported innumerable Obama supporters vowing to kill Mitt Romney if he won the election. Following the vice-presidential debate, “A” magazine’s Fashion Editor Tim Bitici tweeted to his followers that he hoped Paul Ryan’s daughter would get “f—ed & pregnant at 13.” He didn’t use the dashes.

Beyond the thug tactics of this administration and the Obama campaign, as well as the bias of the press, people are also finally beginning to recognize liberals’ penchant for projection (accusing conservatives of that which they do), about which I’ve also written at length. Who actually carried out violence – the much-maligned, sinister tea party, or those fun kids in the Occupy movement? Who is more likely to steal or deface a neighbor’s political yard signs – a conservative or a liberal? Who is more likely to use their house keys to grace your automobile with a new set of racing stripes, or cut your tires because they don’t like your bumper sticker?

These are rhetorical questions, of course. My point is that while we can discount the dedicated operatives and indoctrinated zombies, there are still a lot of folks out there whose hearts and minds are being won, and liberals are digging their own grave. In pretending to be a social commentator on television, liberal comedian Bill Maher effectively became one. In an Oct. 7 interview, Maher said that since “the planet is too crowded,” he is “consistently pro-death … not one of those people who thinks all life is precious,” and that “we need to promote death.”

How fundamentally nasty can you get?

The tone liberals have adopted is different than when they were demonizing former President Bush during his presidency, and different than when they were promoting Barack Obama in 2008. It’s different because since 2009 – and certainly since the midterm election in 2010 – they’ve been unmasked in the eyes of millions, much in the same way that liberal-socialism is being seen for what it is worldwide. The resurgence of patriotism in America and the results of grass-roots conservative activism of late should be encouraging to anyone reading this.

The danger in the short term arises from this administration, rather than progressives at large. If Obama is to hold on to his office, all options – as they say – remain on the table.

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