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Facebook reveals Muslim Brotherhood influence

A posting on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s Facebook page could indicate the depth of the relationship between Morsi and Nour Salafist Party leader Nader Bakkar.

Bakkar was identified by ex-terrorist and Middle East analyst Walid Shoebat as a driving force behind changes that have brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt.

Shoebat said documents translated from Arabic reveal that high-ranking members of the Salafist Nour Party and the Muslim Brotherhood planned the attacks on U.S. diplomatic offices in Cairo and Benghazi, Libya.

The post reads: “President Mohamed Morsi السيد الرئيس محمد مرسي. Yesterday.”

The translation provided by the Web service Bing reads, “A wedding. Nader Bakkar. God bless you and bless you and collect in goodness.”

The post was accompanied by a photograph of Bakkar and his veiled new bride. The page also has a link that connects to Morsi’s photo album page.

Morsi’s Facebook page is an administrator-only page, which according to Facebook rules means that only the owner of the page may post content.

“Page admins can have 5 different roles, each with different abilities. Only managers can change what kind of admin someone is. All admins are managers by default,” Facebook’s Help Center page said.

Responding directly to the Facebook post, Shoebat, was blunt about Bakkar’s role in Egypt.

“It is Bakkar and he is the one guilty of all the violence,” Shoebat said.

Islam analyst and Jihad Watch publisher Robert Spencer observes that the post says much about Morsi and Bakkar’s relationship.

“This shows that Morsi and Bakkar have a warm friendship, which is entirely unsurprising, since clearly they share the same view of Islam and of the global political situation,” Spencer said.

International Christian Concern Middle East analyst Aidan Clay notes the Salafis are among Egypt’s most radical groups and have been leaders in persecuting the Copts.

“Salafis are the very group that led violent mob attacks that killed Christians and burned churches,” Clay said.

WND reported the attacks on the Cairo embassy and the consulate in Benghaz were planned by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist parties to punish the West for opposing Islam, according to Shoebat.

He said other documents, translated from Arabic, also show that high-ranking members of the Salafist Nour Party and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt planned the attacks to force constitutional changes in Egypt and concessions from the West.

The Nour Party issued a call to demonstrate in support of Wisam Abdul Waris of Dar Al-Hekma, or House of Wisdom, who has called for changes in the Egyptian constitution and international law that would make it illegal to criticize Islam, Shoebat said.

Bakkar has said his party aims for legal prosecution of anyone who harms Islam at home or abroad.