My, how conservatives fool themselves! They delude themselves into thinking that “taking a stand” against the left means speaking out, writing “critical” commentary and plenty of books, preaching to the choir. Conservatives actually believe this is real confrontation. Conservatives actually believe they are making a difference and that soon they will take back the republic.

Republicans and conservatives like to quote the Founding Fathers and all the stories and histories of how they created a free nation for us. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Paine and later, Abe Lincoln, who was not a founder, but a great fighter, nonetheless.

It is good to teach this history. It is not good to expect absolutely none of the commitment these brave revolutionaries possessed from those we teach. It is not good that for the past 30 years, conservatively, there is more teaching of the communist and socialist theories that drove great revolutionaries like Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Mao in our schools and universities.

Conservatives know how to spew words of wisdom about history. Conservatives do not know how to fight, as did our Founding Fathers. We know well how to send our young men off to fight the good fight against North Korea, North Vietnam and, lately, radical Islam. We know not the first thing about fighting the war within our own borders. There are no conservative revolutionaries, no fighters, nobody with fire in the belly – only weaklings, collaborators, quislings.

Instead, the modern-day right chooses pacifist moaning, groaning, crying and acceptance of the status quo. The right chooses, largely, to work with the left to “get things done.” For the past 50 or more years, these “things” have proved to be detrimental. These “things” are not conservative, as they are born of cooperation with an ideology that has no respect for the founders or the Constitution they gave us.

While the murdering left has uses every corrupt and coercive method possible to advance its agenda, the right has been very cooperative, very docile, very reserved, very willing to give plenty in exchange for nearly nothing, never learning a lesson from it.

Conservatives everywhere told us that Ronald Reagan had “defeated” communism. We ate it up, went back for more of the same lie and then fell back into a deep, comfortable sleep. Even today, there are some who buy the lie, all these years later.

We have no real leaders. We have no real statesmen – no fighters who know and have studied Sun Tzu and would use his methods against the left as a modest start in a much needed war against the left.

We have no ideological conservative revolutionaries, either.

Why? Because we skipped that part in what little history we taught our children when we taught American history way back when. Now we are paying for it.

Now, there is different lie in circulation. It is that lie we have all heard about how we are going to take back our country.

Fat chance of that, Joseph.

Michael McFarland

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