In the midst of stories like this one [More ballots for Romney come up Obama”], I am heartened that more Americans are taking the issue of voter fraud seriously.

Anyone who has lived within a 200-mile radius of Chicago has smelled the stench of the voting “irregularities” that plague the city. Such “irregularities” always seem to benefit the Democratic Party and its attendant bureaucracy. In that sense, I suppose we should call them voting “regularities.”

The mainlining press is fond of terms like “irregularities,” “glitches” and “pranks” in dealing with the crimes committed by the political left in support of their agenda of absolute power. (What do you think Obamacare was really about? Once the federal government is paying for health care, they can justify any restriction on individual freedom.)

Voting “irregularities” is a good term for the propagandists to use: It makes the casual listener or reader think that voter fraud is really quite rare, and certainly not due to any organized effort by any political party to thwart the will of voters as expressed on Election Day.

Tyrants view elections as a necessary evil on their pathway to power. This gives them license to lie to us during the election campaign and do what they intended all along once they are rewarded for their lies with another term of power.

Polls are a major enabler for such lies. First, they help the liar figure out what to say to whom during the campaign. In more recent years they have been used to manipulate the voters by pointing out the “popular” position. Why think about the issues if a majority has already decided?

Most recently, polls have become tools to manipulate voter turnout by encouraging or discouraging voters. They do this by using ridiculous assumptions about turnout and electorate composition, making it appear as if the contest is over even before the fat lady ascends the podium to sing.

We are seeing a new use of polls in this election. The unrealistic Democratic turnout advantage most polls used in selecting respondents was likely intended to help cover up large scale voter fraud by Democrats, as the Chicago machine expanded nationwide.

Obama’s record of accomplishment is so horrific that he couldn’t be saved even if the usual cadre of dead Democratic voters and their dogs somehow manage to vote. He would still come up short.

Democrats know this. The answer is to depress opposition turnout. Thoughtful Democrats in Seattle mailed a false state letter to Republican voters in Florida, informing them that “irregularities” had been found in their registration, and reminding them that illegal voting was a crime. The perpetrators even included the chairman of the Florida Republican Party as a recipient. Some of the press has referred to this effort, which targeted swing areas of the state with good precision, as a prank.

Maybe voter fraud needs to become a capital offense. At least this would eliminate repeat performances. I can’t think of much else that strikes so viciously at the heart of the democratic process. Somehow “prank” and “irregularity” just don’t do such criminal efforts to elect tyrants the justice they deserve.

The purple finger was held high for the cameras in Iraq, during the first parliamentary election. It symbolized that the wearer had braved election-day violence by risking his life to stand in line and vote. In a nation where so many public records had been destroyed, it also prevented those opposed to democracy from voting multiple times, thereby stealing the election and returning the kleptocracy to power.

America desperately needs voter-ID laws to reduce the impact of individuals and organizations seeking to cripple the democratic process and usurp power over the rest of us. For those determined enough to continue in their democracy-busting efforts, we need a penalty commensurate with the harm they cause by fraudulently obtaining and wielding the power of government in support of an agenda honest voters rejected.

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