In an email to the editor this week, Maria Aguigui asked: “Where will this end? Hate breeds hate. There is no excusing bigoted behavior. If you hate someone, do not demonize them and try bringing them down to your level of hate. Step away and do them no harm.

“Don’t try to diminish others and do it in church in the name of your faith. When you diminish others, you yourself are diminished. There is no alternative, nor excuse.”

She was talking about conservative Christians and did nothing but demonize them and say they were all racists during her entire diatribe. I would kindly like to ask Ms. Aguigui to start practicing what she preaches. Oh, I forgot. It’s OK for liberals like her to spew hatred and demonize others who disagree with her views. Hypocrisy, anyone?

Susan Pavilkey

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