Are Mom and apple pie next?

Those may be the next targets of the homosexual fascists – who are like the anti-American poofy sect of the Taliban.

It’s not enough to institute speech codes in colleges and universities. It’s not enough to chill free speech in the media. It’s not enough to shamelessly parade their sexuality in front of America’s children on the streets, in schools and on television.

Now the crude, vulgar, name-calling, arrogant pink-shirt gestapo is going after baseball and other American sports.

Here’s the latest example: Yunel Escobar is a native of Cuba who plays shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays. He probably thought once he left Fidel Castro’s island paradise that he would be able to speak his mind, joke around and not fear the thought police.

Was he ever wrong.

A couple weeks ago, Escobar, like so many other sports stars, put a little message on the eye black they use to cut down on the sun’s glare. It said, “tu ere maricon.” In English, that roughly translates to “you are a faggot” – a term used, ironically, far more often by homosexuals than by heterosexuals.

By the way, the message was almost completely obscured from fans and even non-teammates by dark sunglasses throughout the game.

For his “sin,” something homosexuals claim is an archaic old notion, Escobar was suspended for three games without pay, with his salary of between $83,000 and $92,000 for those games going to two homosexual activist organizations – You Can Play, a lobby for non-heterosexual athletes, and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. By “defamation,” GLAAD means criticism.

Escobar had to grovel and apologize and, upon his return to the game last Thursday night against the New York Yankees, he was forced to catch the ceremonial first pitch from David Testo, a former professional soccer player who is openly “gay” and serves as a board member for You Can Play.

Escobar also had to endure 45 minutes of sensitivity counseling from Jose Estevez, an openly “gay” long-distance runner from Boston College, and Patick Burke, the founder of You Can Play.

“I’m sorry for the actions of the other day,” said Escobar through a translator at Yankee Stadium in his act of contrition. “It was not something I intended to be offensive. It was something I just put on the sticker on my face as a joke. There was nothing intentional directed at anyone in particular. I don’t have anything against homosexuals. I have friends who are gay. In reality, I’d like to ask for the apologies (sic) of all those who have been offended by this.”

Still that was not enough.

Escobar will be required “to participate in an outreach initiative to help educate society about insensitivity and tolerance of others,” according to an ESPN report.

Tolerance? Who’s being intolerant here? The gay gestapo – that’s who.

The news coverage of this fiasco has been a joke. Here’s the last line of an unbylined Associated Press “news story” that reads like a lecture from a member of the Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association: “Three games isn’t a lot of time, but Escobar will be forced to think about what he’s done while a strong message is sent to the league’s other players: Homophobic messages aren’t acceptable on or around the diamond.”

To put this in perspective, think of how the so-called “gay rights” activists behave themselves – the way they demean anyone who opposes their agenda of perversion.

Major League Baseball is falling right in line with this kind of “political correctness.” The National Football League and college football are going even further – banning all eye-black messages. Why? Well, it started when Tim Tebow used Bible verse messages on his eye black.

Blue Jays pitcher Varlos Villanueva learned an interesting lesson from Escobar’s experience, too: “He has to step up, especially how things are nowadays. You just have to watch what you say, or what you express out there.”

And that’s supposed to be a good thing in American society?

Should non-homosexual Americans be fined, suspended and humiliated for a remark that wouldn’t draw a second glance in most homosexual bathhouses?

Has anyone clicked on a homosexual website or picked up a “gay” newspaper lately and seen the kind of obscenity they portray and the filthy language they use?

Yes, I think Mom and apple pie, 6,000-year-old moral standards and freedom of speech are all endangered species nowadays.

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