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I, Caligula. I, Obama, Part 2

Note: Read Part 1 of “I, Caligula. I, Obama.”

Here Phaethon lies who in the sun-gods chariot led. And though greatly he dared, more greatly he failed.

~ my paraphrase of Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology” (1942)

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

~ Alfred, “Batman: Dark Night Rises” (2012)

I, Caligula (A.D. 12– A.D. 41), in my accession to the throne, I (like Persian King Xerxes did in 480 B.C. and later Alexander the Great) had a pontoon bridge built leading across the sea from Baiae to Puteoli; a stretch of water two and a half miles long. The bridge was even covered with earth and paved stones. This obscene cost would in today’s currency number in the hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention the wasted manpower building this meaningless bridge to nowhere. Why? For purely theatrical effect and to feed I, Caligula’s megalomaniacal ego to prove wrong a prophecy about the impossibility of me ever becoming emperor of Rome.

I, Obama (1961–), likewise followed the path of my mentor, I, Caligula, and was heralded as a singular genius, the smartest man in the room and a messiah who would heal the world and bring peace, but like the arrogant Phaethon, I only burned the world.

I, Caligula, had four wives, three of them during my reign as emperor, yet my insatiable Will to Power could not stop me from committing incest with each of my three sisters in their turn.

I have one fake wife, Michelle Obama – an arranged marriage by my pastor of 20 years and founder of the “Down Low Club,” Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to hide my continuous homosexual lifestyle including with my personal assistant, best friend and former “body man,” Reggie Love. I even wear a fake wedding ring I wore years before I met Michelle to express not my love to her, but my devotion to my real god, Allah.

I, Caligula, by A.D. 38, had became ever more unhinged. I deified myself by ordering an altar to be built to my self-glorification and cared less that it was distressing to Romans. My demented blasphemy pushed further where I, Caligula, proposed that statues of me should be erected even inside Jewish synagogues. I, Caligula’s excesses knew no bounds, and I introduced heavy taxation to help pay for my decadent madness. I, Caligula, also created a new tax on prostitutes and opened a brothel in a wing of the imperial palace. By now there was no doubt that the emperor of the civilized world was in fact a dangerous madman.

I, Obama, during my visits to Georgetown University (July 2009, May 2012) twice covered the cross of Jesus Christ. In my White House I bow down to Muslim leaders, and they are feted every year at Ramadan dinners, while conservative Christians are excluded from my White House and constantly lectured by me to comply with my HHS mandate to finance sterilization, abortion, abortifacient drugs and birth control in their insurance plans … their religious consciences be damned! This anti-Christian hatred was indoctrinated and nurtured in me by my real father, the communist agent Frank Marshall Davis (CPUSA No. 47544) and by my alma mater Harvard, whose current motto, Veritas (Truth), was treacherously changed from its original 1692 motto, Christo (Christ), Ecclesiae (Church), Veritas (Truth). This was the great triumph of humanism, Marxism and progressivism over Christianity – the demonic idea that you can have “Truth” without Christ or the Church.

[Confirming Romans’ worst fears, in A.D. 39 Caligula announced the revival of the treason trials, the bloodthirsty kangaroo court that had conducted an era of terror to the latter years of Tiberius’ reign.]

I, Obama, am the most bloodthirsty president in American history. I love lavishing hundreds of millions of dollars annually upon Planned Parenthood, founded by the genocidal racist, Margaret Sanger, which murders over 3,000 innocent babies per day, over 1,300 of them black babies, totaling over 55 million innocents since Roe v. Wade (1973).

I, Caligula, also kept my favorite racehorse, Incitatus, inside the palace in a stable box of carved ivory, dressed in purple blankets and collars of precious stones. Dinner guests were invited to the palace in the horse’s name. And the horse, too, was invited to dine with the emperor. I, Caligula, considered making the horse consul over the Senate.

I, Obama, like my mentor, Caligula, delighted in humiliating Congress. For my first two years in office, I refused even to answer their letters on law, policy and budgetary issues of great urgency or meet with them unless I knew in advance that they would bow to my omnipotent will.

I, Obama, like my tyrannical predecessors Tiberius, Caligula, Nero, Domitian, Diocletian and Commodus, am narcissistic, ill-bred, ignorant and anti-Christian to my core.

Will Romney/Ryan be able to stop Obama from seizing a second term as president? God only knows.

In conclusion, Edith Hamilton, in her famous 1942 book on the ancient Greeks, “Mythology,” presented a fitting epitaph for every arrogant, self-willed fascist dictator throughout the ages in describing the tragic anti-hero Phaethon: Here Phaethon lies who in the sun-gods chariot fared. And though greatly he failed, more greatly he dared. In Greek mythology, Phaethon, son of the sun god Helios, tries to drive his father’s fiery chariot to prove he is divine, but it gets out of control. Zeus has to intervene and strike him down with a thunderbolt so that Earth doesn’t catch fire. Nevertheless Phaethon’s genocidal behavior scorches large parts of the Earth, making them perpetual desert wastelands.

I, Caligula and I, Obama, like Phaethon, have ruled like tyrants over once-great nations for just under four years. Caligula and Obama both possess the dangerous, obstinate, narcissistic tendencies of the typical sociopath, which prevents one from showing empathy to others, changing his mind or affirming the reality of truth when his diabolical policy initiatives come to their inevitable, catastrophic end. Thus, like Phaethon, Obama has abused his vast powers over politics, law, economics and culture and has brought society down upon our heads in a spectacular fiery inferno.