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It's mourning again in America

Love him or hate him, you have to give radioman Mark Levin credit for not mincing words when it comes to sticking it to the bad guys. OK, so his shrieking can sometimes be hard on the nerves, but, like Sarah Palin, he isn’t afraid to speak the truth about the loathsome left, the presidential pretender in the White House, or even hard-case Republicans who continually lose their way.

Of course, it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t grasp what his old boss, Ronald Reagan, clearly understood – that libertarianism is the heart and soul of conservatism. Palin has a leg up on him in this respect, as she demonstrated when she urged the goofuses in the Romney camp to listen to what Ron Paul has to say.

Nevertheless, how can you not like a guy who isn’t afraid to scream to the rafters that “Barack Obama is a total fraud”? No equivocation, no soft adjectives – just plain-out fraud.

That’s on top of his saying that Obama talks “like some punk in high school.” I tell you, it’s enough to make Mitt Romney have a nervous breakdown. Levin doesn’t seem to understand the O’Reilly Rule: You have an obligation to be “respectful to the president.”

Levin’s fraud rant came on his radio show last week when he played a nauseating ad put out by the Obama camp, filled with the usual, run-of-the-mill lies and meaningless, feel-good rhetoric. Levin then posed an interesting question to his audience: What was missing from the Obama ad? No caller was able to come up with the right answer.

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He then played a Ronald Regan ad from 1984, when Dutch, like Obama, was campaigning for a second term. The ad began with the now famous words, “It’s morning again in America,” then focused on what he had actually accomplished during his first four years in office. For obvious reasons, Obama’s ad did not list any accomplishments. That is what was missing.

But it wasn’t because he hasn’t accomplished anything. The truth is that Obama has accomplished a great deal. That’s why he keeps insisting that his plan has “worked.” And he’s right because, in reality, everything works.

Communism works, if your purpose is to enslave people. Stealing works, if all you care about is money. Lying works, if you don’t care about your personal integrity. Literally anything, no matter how monstrously immoral, will work, depending on the outcome you’re after and how you define the term work. So the question should never be whether or not something works, but whether it accomplishes things we deem to be desirable.

That being the case, anyone who understands that the Duplicitous Despot’s objective from the outset has been to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a Third World Marxist country would have to admit that his strategy has worked very well. So Barack Obama means it when he says, with a straight face, that his plan has “worked.” But what he doesn’t say is that for most Americans it has worked only to the detriment of their freedom and financial well-being.

That a mysteriously unvetted president, with numerous ties throughout his life to communists and other radicals, has clearly been trying to impose socialism (or worse) on the United States is the single most important issue in the upcoming election.

Nevertheless, it will never be mentioned by Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, or any other prominent Republican. That’s right, the single most important issue in this election has been, and will continue to be, totally ignored.

Speaking of Reagan, those of us who were around in 1980 fondly remember his now famous line, in response to Jimmy Carter’s string of lies, “There you go again.” I couldn’t help but think of his disarming words as I watched Romney’s latest boot-licking ad in which he once again made nice to the presidential pretender who is, in return, pounding him unmercifully every chance he gets.

In the ad, Romney says, “President Obama and I both care about poor and middle-class families.” How nice of you to concede that point to the guy who is intent on destroying you, Mitt. But, unfortunately, it’s a lie – unless you actually believe that Barack Obama cares deeply about poor and middle-class people, in which case you are either an ignoramus or so naïve that you’re a danger to yourself.

And when MittMan isn’t singing the praises of Obama, what other hard-hitting points is he making in his ads? How about the one about putting an end to “China’s cheating”? Now that’s something that will surely get the attention of all those Homer Simpsons out there who are focused on their Bud Light and today’s schedule of NFL games.

Do Romney’s people seriously believe that the tiny minority of undecided and uninformed souls who are going to decide this election know what “China cheating” is all about, let alone care? Or the debt to GDP ratio? Or any of the other myriad issues that political junkies get so jazzed about?

But even the Homer Simpsons understand statements like “He’s a total fraud,” especially when you not only tell them why, but do so in simple, easy-to-understand terms. And with Barack Obama, the facts are so overwhelming that that’s a very easy thing to do.

The real problem, not just with Romney, but with Republicans in general, is that they play by self-imposed rules of engagement, while the Democrats, like all of America’s enemies, do not burden themselves with restraints.

Much like our enemies abroad, the enemy from within uses human shields – blacks, poor people, grieving husbands whose wives have died of cancer and frumpy gals whose chief goal in life is to get free contraception. Nothing, and no one, is off-limits to them.

Thinking back to Jimmy Carter, I guess you could say that, after four years of Barack Obama, it’s mourning again in America. But don’t try to tell that to Mitt. He’s still in a trance, gazing at his faded Obama poster.