Thank you, Nat Hentoff, for another thought-provoking article, “I will not vote for pro-death president,” which documents Obama’s pro-death agenda. The president is knee deep in blood.

A bearer of hopelessness and change for the worse, Barack Obama is a death cultist propped up by the MSM. Obama is fine with allowing the murder of born babies and sending drones that have killed hundreds, maybe thousands, of women and children. Surprise! He is also a hardened raving racist. As Ronald Reagan would have said, Obama can run, but he can’t hide from the truth.

Obama voted four times to continue the murder of babies by voting against a “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act” (thrice as Illinois state senator and once as U.S. senator).

Obama delivered a raving racist diatribe in June 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia.

Without constitutional authority, Obama approves a weekly drone “kill list” that targets any males of military age in several foreign countries. These are supposed “suspects.” Women and children are collateral damage. Hundreds of attacks. Perhaps thousands killed. This wholesale murder have been going on since January 2009.

Racism and killing is Obama’s true game.

Sonny Nicolson

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