Rush Limbaugh

A caller named Gina enthused about her journey to see Mitt Romney at the Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado. She said she’d walked for miles to attend, and that it was well worth the effort. At the end of the call, Gina made a generous offer to the next military caller to the show. Her enthusiasm and patriotism is contagious (FREE audio).

Limbaugh called it “one of my favorite facts of all time.” He was talking about Romney’s comeback during the final debate, slamming Obama’s “apology tour” and especially, condemning him for not visiting Israel.

“That got under Obama’s skin,” said Rush approvingly (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Back on the air this week, Michael Savage welcomed listeners old and new, then got straight to the real news of the day.

Savage advised his audience not to be distracted by trivia, like Donald Trump’s latest stunt to try to get Obama to unseal his college records and other documents.

“That’s not relevant,” Savage explained. “What’s relevant is that Obama is our first socialist president,” adding, “That’s what this election is about” (FREE audio).

Savage reiterated that Mitt Romney isn’t as conservative as he would’ve hoped, but that he’d met the presidential contender and believes “he’s a first class guy. A nice guy.”

“You know the difference between Obama voters and Romney voters, don’t you?” Savage quipped. “Obama voters sign the back of the check, and Romney voters sign the front.”

Sean Hannity

The emerging email evidence seems incontrovertible: President Obama and his cabinet knew very well that the Benghazi embassy attacks had nothing to do with an “anti-Muslim” video. Hannity was outraged.

“This is about lying to the families of dead Americans,” he exclaimed. “This is about losing the first american ambassador we’ve lost in 30 years. Reuters reports that the White House was notified within two hours that an Islamic extremist group has taken responsibility for this incident.”

Hannity reminded listeners that after this terrorist attack, “The president still went on his trip to Las Vegas for a fundraiser” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Klein’s regular guest, veteran comedian Jackie Mason, joined him as co-host for the full second hour this week.

Aaron Klein investigated the truth about what happened at the Benghazi embassy, constructing a timeline about what the president knew and when. Plus, Klein looks deeper into the Obama’s high-level negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, just one day before the final debate (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation is suing the Environmental Protection Agency egarding new regulations that he says were pushed through without public review or notice.

The Foundation filed a Freedom of Information Act request earlier this year, but the relevant documents have yet to be turned over.

On the air, Levin denounced erstwhile Republican Colin Powell as a “partisan hack” for endorsing Obama this week.

“Get out of my party,” Levin bellowed (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

This week, Ingraham welcomed Senate candidates Josh Mandel of Ohio and Tom Smith from Pennsylvania, who are running as Republicans in this year’s all-important race.

Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Peter King, R-N.Y., came on to discuss the facts slowly seeping out about the Benghazi terrorist attack. He had no patience for Democrat’s complaints that Romney is “politicizing” the incident.

“What the Obama camp calls politicizing is called fact finding in a democracy,” King reminded Laura and her listeners (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck told listeners he was disappointed in Mitt Romney’s performance in the final debate and was even questioning the value of voting since he seemed to agree with Obama on so many issues.

Nevertheless, Beck appeared at a rally for Romney a few days later and is now musing about whether or not his fellow Mormon is a kind of 21st century George Washington.

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