I read with interest nearly all of your emails. I have one question: Why can’t you get your message into the mainstream media? Some, not all, of your messages regarding Obama are rather earth-shattering, assuming they are indeed true. I have no doubt they are indeed true, but it seems that you and I may be in the minority. Why? Someone is not getting the message. Why? I would wager not one in one hundred has ever read about Frank Marshall Davis. But then, it seems that not many truly know much about the real Obama. Sad, but true.

I recently viewed “Obama 2016,” and frankly I think it should be mandatory watching for everyone in America. If that documentary will not scare one as a true American, nothing will. And, it seems the mainstream media simply scoffs at it as just another attempt to discredit the “great one.” How foolish.

What is wrong with this country?

J. Harvey

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