The month of October is known for numerous holidays, observances and events. Columbus Day is a well-known holiday, and there are observances such as Navy Day and Clergy Appreciation Day. And I would be remiss if I did not mention that October is also Pregnancy Loss and Infant Loss Awareness Month in addition to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

But it is also known for Halloween, and, depending upon your party affiliation, it’s known for the cruelest “trick” of the “trick or treat” period one candidate/party can inflict upon another – that is the infamous October Surprise. The ultimate “gotcha” moment that need not be based on truth or facts.

Ergo, personally find it interesting that with approximately 13 days left before the general election – and with so much riding on it – the Chicago politician known for such skullduggery has initiated no surprises on the Mitt Romney campaign.

With David Axelrod as his campaign manager, Obama has a near mirror-personality who is willing to engage in muckraking (be it true or otherwise). A person who, like Obama, derives cruel pleasure from initiating such measures and the fact that there has been no such “surprise” delivered in the campaign month known for same, I believe, says more about Mitt Romney than it does about Obama.

In brief, can Romney be of such character that the most damning thing the Obama camp can say about him is that he worked hard and made a lot of money for his effort? Because the other side of that coin is that Obama is rich as well, and his resume pursuant to work history and educational attainment doesn’t hold a candle to Mitt’s.

Is it the worst that can be said of Romney that he did missionary work, gives huge amounts of his income to charity, is attentive to the personal needs of those who work for him and that there are no rumors of hidden sexual proclivities that continue to haunt Obama?

Obama is running out of time, and there is still no surprise meant to malign his opponent. Even though the media continue to have a love relationship with Obama, any surprise short of something completely over-the-top would require at least a few news cycles to fully develop and damage the intended victim.

Specific to that point, Obama has problems of his own even without an October Surprise. No matter how the press tries to protect him, Obama cannot shake the stench of cover-ups, lies and obfuscation pursuant to Benghazi. He and his campaign can spin and change their stories – and his sycophants can try to convince people by constantly changing the timeline of what Obama knew and said, and when he knew it and said it – but it isn’t working.

Benghazi is showing signs of sticking to him like tar to a shoe. And that is just the tip of the iceberg tied to his ankles and dragging him beneath the waves. He cannot run from his record – he tried, but it didn’t work. He tried to manipulate the economic numbers; he tried to bully industry into silence about the impending layoffs due to Obamacare – but nothing is working.

So he is left with turning to Jeremiah Wright, the man who allegedly gave haven to those like Obama, and who was later unceremoniously thrown under the bus when his poisonous screeds became toxic to the Obama machine.

Obama is obviously not only becoming concerned about getting re-elected but he is apparently becoming concerned that even though many blacks are blinded by his skin color – being enamored with same isn’t synonymous with the certainty of their turning out in numbers sufficient to make a difference in the outcome.

My feelings about Mitt Romney are a matter of record, and I haven’t changed my mind. That said, the Obamas have taken lying, arrogance and disrespect for the people to legendary heights, and trying to dust off Wright confirms just how desperate they are.

The absence of an October Surprise perpetrated against Romney shows there are no dirty tricks that will work.

That means Obama is left to defend his record or attempt to commit voter fraud on a massive scale.

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