Dinesh D’Souza could very well be in line for the Jerome Corsi Courage Award this year.

Keep in mind, there is no such award, but there should be, given that Corsi – author of “Unfit For Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry” – set the standard for exposing pretender presidential contenders. “Swift boated” has entered the American lexicon. And no doubt, John Kerry still ruminates over it all.

As we enter the critical stretch run in a shockingly high stakes election, D’Souza has generated plenty of press himself, first as producer of the runaway hit film, “2016: Obama’s America,” and as the author of the chilling “Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream.”

Anyone sitting on the fence, still trying to decide between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, should read this book. For the rest of us, it is a superb primer for remembering just what awaits the country should Obama be re-elected.

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Just one of the many valuable points D’Souza makes is that while Obama’s plans are being carried out in plain sight, most don’t seem to realize it. There are myriad reasons for this, but it’s a valuable insight for those on the right who think that personally, “Obama is a likeable guy.”

He isn’t.

Right off the bat, D’Souza delves into the mystery of the man (Chapter Two, “Invisible Man”). An immigrant from India, the author “gets” Obama perhaps more readily than other authors, because he can “think globally.”

In this book, D’Souza says, among other things: “One would expect that with an unusual name like Barack Obama, several of his fellow students [at Columbia] would recall him. When Obama was elected president, the New York Times sought to identify and interview people who knew and remembered him at Columbia. The Times found no one.”

Incredibly, left-leaning media types like Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw admitted on camera that they had no idea what Obama’s worldview was.

How did this man get elected?

Much has been made of Obama’s father, but his mother is key to trying to decipher who he is. Evidently, Obama’s feelings of abandonment stem from his relationship with his mother. In the chapter entitled “Mommie Dearest,” D’Souza explores the personality of Ann Obama.

While Ann globetrotted, young Barack was sent back to America (from Indonesia) at the age of 10, by himself. His anger at both parents seethed, and the young man shaped his own murky worldview. One of her teachers has described her as “an aficionado of foreign films, jazz and Karl Marx.”

D’Souza also does groundbreaking research into Obama’s hatred for “colonialism,” one of the many sins he apologizes for when speaking to despots and radical audiences around the globe.

In a riveting book, perhaps the most fascinating chapter deals with Obama’s views of jihadists and the so-called “occupied territories” in Israel. Keep in mind, the Iranians refer to America as “the Great Satan” and Israel as “the Little Satan.”

Listen to D’Souza describe Obama’s views of these two countries: “Obama views America as an imperial invader, occupier and aggressor that has looted Iraq and Afghanistan, while America’s ally and satellite Israel has occupied and oppressed Muslim Palestine.”

The truly scary thing is that this man, virtually worshiped by the “Millennial” generation, has been the ideological point-man for a vast number of college-age people in the U.S., who tomorrow will be running our foreign policy.

Later in this chapter, D’Souza makes the kind of discerning comment that shows we would be far better off with Mitt Romney in the White House.

Discussing Obama’s double-speak when it comes to “land for peace” between Israel and the Palestinians, D’Souza writes: “Even if the Israelis are ultimately willing to relinquish the land, the fact that Israel’s critics think that the land doesn’t belong to Israel in the first place means that the land can’t be exchanged for peace or recognition of Israel’s right to exist; the land simply has to be given up, period.”

As an observer of Obama’s personality, D’Souza makes an interesting point that might just explain things like the president’s disastrous first debate with Mitt Romney: He simply believes in his own giftedness and winsome personality. All the pundits’ analysis of Obama’s weird demeanor in the debate can be boiled-down to this: He’s a narcissist.

In the end, D’Souza says that Obama is “pursuing decline.” Of America, of course. The question is, how much?

“How much decline has Obama achieved in four years? I would estimate that he has achieved about 40 percent decline. I get this number from the 40 percent wealth decline that Americans have seen over the past five years.”

Can you imagine what Obama will do with another term?

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