Last Thursday, WND broke the stunning news that Barack Obama’s administration offered a secret election-eve deal to Iran that would result in reduced sanctions in exchange for a phony diplomatic coup designed to bolster his vote Nov. 6.

The report is based on hard intelligence gathered by Reza Kahlili, the highly esteemed former CIA spy inside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and counterterrorism expert.

It was a big story – one the major media, and even most of the so-called alternative media, ignored.

Of course, hundreds of thousands of Americans read the report in WND – which may be enough to ensure Obama cannot get away with an “October Surprise” in which he announces dramatically that his administration has successfully persuaded Iran to suspend uranium enrichment in its effort to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal.

On the other hand, given the tacit response of the major media, Obama may indeed gamble, roll the dice and go for the deal anyway – under the assumption that most Americans won’t see through the gambit exposed in advance by WND.

Note the details contained in the story – names, dates, places. There’s no question this deal was offered. Here it is in its brazen essence.

Obama sent a representative to Qatar to meet with a representative of Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with an offer: If Iran suspends uranium enrichment for even just two weeks before the election, this would greatly benefit Obama’s political situation, resulting in a reduction of sanctions currently imposed on Iran because of its nuclear weapons program. Obama’s representative even warned that Iran would have a much easier time dealing with Obama in a second term than with Mitt Romney. In other words, this move was all about Obama’s re-election bid, his personal political objectives, not U.S. national security.

It’s a shocker. It’s a scandal of epic proportions. It’s the kind of development that demonstrates so clearly why Obama represents a clear and present danger to U.S. national security. He will do anything and say anything to win re-election at any cost. To Obama, Republicans represent a bigger threat than a nuclear Iran.

People took great risks to bring this news to the American people, but only a tiny percentage of U.S. voters are aware of it because of the media’s unwillingness to share it – or explore it for themselves if they don’t believe WND’s detailed report based on credible sourcing.

In other words, this despicable plot could have been blown out of the water had the media seized on it, explored it and revealed the evidence to the American electorate. But they chose not to do so for their own reasons.

I want you to remember this report, because now there’s a chance this deal could still work for Obama. It could be his October Surprise. He could still gamble that since most Americans never saw this report, he can get away with fooling the vast majority into believing he actually achieved a breakthrough with Iran.

What can we do about that at this point?

I need your help in spreading this report virally so that millions of Americans will be on guard if that October Surprise actually occurs.

This could be a political game-changer – one way or the other.

Obama is desperate now, especially after his pathetic debate performance.

He evidently has a deal in place with Iran. The relevant details are published. If and when he makes the announcement of a diplomatic achievement with Iran, Americans must be alerted to how and why that deal was made.

We obviously can’t count on the media. They didn’t think it was a story when it broke. As we know from past experience, they are unlikely to give credit to WND after the fact – even when the evidence becomes overwhelming.

So spread the word now – before it’s too late.


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