If Barack Obama should win re-election, his second-term victory will be tainted by overwhelming evidence of systematic voter fraud.

Forget ACORN and the federally funded radical “community organizers” with one goal – signing up voters, legal or illegal, to vote for one of their own by any means necessary.

Forget the amazing work of James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas, which has produced video recorded evidence of Obama and Democratic partisans willing to aid in double-voting and outright fraud.

Forget the fact that tens of thousands of active-duty, deployed U.S. military service men and women were not permitted to cast votes because they were not given ballots in time.

Forget all that.

Just remember before you go to the polls Tuesday how the Barack Obama campaign machine welcomed multiple donations from a source deliberately created to set off even the most primitive protections against foreign donations to its official website.

A WND investigation this week used the name “Osama bin Laden” to make those contributions to Obama, using a proxy server and a Pakistani Internet Protocol, a disposable credit card and a fake address and phone number. Osama’s occupation was listed as “deceased terror chief” and his employer was listed as “al-Qaida.” His physical address was given as 911 Jihad Way, Abbottabad, CA 91101. The phone number provided was the White House information line – 202-456-2121. The email address provided was [email protected] In addition, “bin Laden” has continued to receive solicitations for more money and has also successfully registered as a volunteer for the campaign.

All it would have taken for the Obama campaign to prevent money flowing in from foreign sources would be a block on website contributions from foreign countries and bad addresses. This is common practice in the world of Internet commerce. Mitt Romney’s campaign, for instance, rejected foreign donations from the United Kingdom in a similar test by another news organization. But that has never been the goal of the Obama campaign – not in 2012 and not in 2008.

Back in 2008, the same resourceful WND reporter who exposed the intentional vulnerabilities in Obama’s 2012 campaign reported that two Arab brothers in the Palestinian Authority made contributions totaling nearly $30,000 to Obama’s campaign against John McCain. Obama claimed to have returned the funds after the plot was exposed, though that has never been confirmed. No penalties were levied on the campaign – so why not keep pumping the foreign money scam in 2012?

Apparently, that’s exactly what Obama planned to do in 2012 – and he’s getting away with it.

The election is less than a week away, and it will be years before the Federal Elections Commission ever examines scandals like these.

If you’re an Obama supporter and you feel good about getting thank-you notes for your contributions to the campaign, keep in mind “Osama bin Laden” got one, too.

An automated email was immediately sent from Rufus Gifford, national finance director of Obama for America, thanking “Osama” for the contribution. From the time of the first donation until today, the Obama campaign sent nine more emails to the bin Laden Gmail account soliciting more donations. One email sent Saturday reads, “Thanks so much for your donation of $5.00. Please take 10% off your next purchase of $10 or more at our online store.” Another, signed by Michelle Obama, was titled “Barack is getting outraised.”

“You’re one of the campaign’s most committed supporters,” Michelle Obama writes in the automated email to “bin Laden.” “Please make a donation of $19 or whatever you can today.”

Cleta Mitchell, a Republican campaign finance attorney, told WND there were many documented cases of illegal foreign contributions to the Obama campaign in 2008 that were “wholly ignored by the Federal Election Commission and the Obama Department of Justice.”

“I have been hearing the same stories from many sources during this campaign as well,” she said. “Every other campaign has safeguards against these illegal transactions – every campaign except the Obama campaign.”

Mitchell told WND it’s “abundantly clear that the Obama campaign is raising and accepting illegal contributions – and is being protected from investigation by his politicized Department of Justice.”

“It is high time that this was investigated and all illegal funds disgorged – and those responsible be prosecuted,” she asserted.

As a 15-year veteran Internet entrepreneur, I can tell you what this episode reveals: There is no intent on the part of the Obama campaign to discourage any illegal foreign campaign contributions. There are simple processes the Obama campaign could put in place to ensure transactions like this could never take place. No human review of transactions would even be necessary if such systems were in place. But apparently none of them are – making it certain illegal foreign contributions would be accepted by the Obama campaign.

Six days before the final vote, I ask you: Can the nation afford four more years of corrupt leadership like this? Can we expect America to ever have a free and fair election in the future under such leadership?

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