Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is predicting a Romney win in his state this November.

Jordan also said he voted against the 2011 debt ceiling deal that ultimately led to big mandatory spending cuts for the military, but he told WND the huge resulting cuts in defense spending ought to go forward.

“The only thing worse than defense cuts are no cuts at all,” he said. “I thought this was a bad deal that was put together. I opposed it, fought it every step of the way.  The supercommittee, which was supposed to solve things to come up with actual cuts, completely failed like many of us thought it would. And now the only scheduled cuts that are to take place in sequester, there’s talk of suspending those. If that happens, then the only thing taxpayers will have gotten out of the deal last summer is $2.4 trillion more in debt.”

Jordan, chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, said he doesn’t want to see cuts this big inflicted upon our national security efforts. But he said the cuts have to start somewhere.

“We’re going to have to deal with spending,” said Jordan. “I don’t want to cut defense in this haphazard way, but I will tell you it’s better to cut than not to do anything at all.”

Jordan also invoked the dire warning on debt from former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen.

“As Admiral Mullen has said, the biggest threat to national security is the national debt. We’ve got to deal with it.”

The congressman believes spending cuts must be the answer to the debt crisis because he sees tax increases as the worst possible approach to a sputtering economy. Jordan would be open to finding cuts in other programs to lighten the reductions in defense spending. Don’t look for that to happen. House Republicans have already approved that legislation, but Senate Democrats haven’t touched it.

“It’s what we should do,” said Jordan. “After all, we’re supposed to spend your tax dollars on national defense. I have certainly supported that and voted for it, and it sits over there in the United States Senate like so many other good pieces of legislation with Harry Reid doing nothing with it. So I hope that the Senate will find Jesus and do the right thing and pass that, and substitute the defense cuts with cuts elsewhere in government, which is what we should do.”

Jordan believes there will be real progress in tackling the national debt and deficits if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected next month. He said Romney’s selection of Ryan proves this will be a top issue in his administration. Jordan also said they would have no choice.

“We have to,” said Jordan. “The facts are the facts. If we don’t address it pretty quickly, we’re going to have a debt crisis. And the greatest nation in history will be in a situation similar to the countries in Europe that we’ve been reading about for the past couple of years.”

Jordan is optimistic Romney and Ryan will win. He said Romney dominated Tuesday’s debate, especially on economic issues, because President Obama has an indefensible record.

“President Obama’s real record is a record of failure,” said Jordan, noting issues ranging from taxes to regulation. “You can go to every major policy area and this administration’s doing it wrong.”


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