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Parents: Stop being nice

There is an interesting albeit sad story about the election divide within families, a first-person account of which appears in the American Thinker.

What’s sad is not that there is an election divide within families – that has existed forever (think Cain and Abel, back in Genesis). No, the sad part is that mom, who is writing this account, seems clueless about how she and her daughter arrived at this moment.

In fact, the level of cluelessness among “nice” conservative parents is mind-boggling. Here are just a few examples:

Television assumes a new role after the child comes. It takes on the role of babysitter. Whether it’s PBS and their communist subculture or cartoons mocking traditional parenthood is largely irrelevant. Children don’t have the necessary discrimination to determine what is real and what is a video cesspool somebody wrote to make money for advertisers.

Next – assuming the parents didn’t buy into the Dr. Spock child-rearing fantasy – the same parents bundle up their little treasures and send them off to the public school system (usually via big yellow buses full of other people’s little bundled treasures). Guess what? The little treasures soon absorb and reflect the values of surrounding little treasures.

Guess who runs our public schools? Unions. How do people in a union advance their position in life? Seniority. It’s not how well you do; it’s how long you do it. How do union members increase their income? They take more of the pie than someone else. Ditto for benefits, vacations, sick days, retirements and other contractual goodies. You didn’t earn them, you took them away from somebody else. You negotiated them at strike-time. Nobody there bakes new economic pies to expand the economy.

Once the little darlings have matriculated through 12 years of public schools and free lunches, parents ship them off to a college or university that puts its students in hock for the next 15 years. During this rite of passage they live in enforced coed dorms and listen to the ramblings of – you guess it – more union members!

Those in higher education are now unrestrained by any vestige of community conformity or school boards and have their ramblings protected by today’s twisted version of academic freedom and tenure. The same protections don’t apply to their intellectual critics, who were long ago run off the campus by the academic thought police masquerading as the grand wizards of political correctness.

Through all this, mom and dad want to be “nice” and not alienate their children. So they shut up and pay the bills. They ignore the STDs and abortions, spring break (the academy’s secular Easter) and the religious intolerance drummed into their children during 16 years of statist indoctrination. They also ignore the fact that their children come out of this union-dominated system with no marketable skills to support themselves and so must move in with mom and dad after their “education” while they wait for the government to “do something” about it all.

Niceness and politeness have their place in life. I’ve met three liberals with whom I’ve had enjoyable conversations during my lifetime. They had arguments for their positions – not snarky retorts lifted off Facebook or Twitter attacking my positions. Three coherent liberals over a lifetime means that as a species, real liberals are pretty rare birds.

Leftists today aren’t liberals. They are communist wannabe dictators. Given the least bit of opportunity, they will use the power of the state to enforce their fantasy version of reality upon the rest of us – and bankrupt the entire nation.

“Freedom” to the leftists encompasses only their freedom to crush our beliefs and require we bow the knee to their twisted version of state-sponsored utopia.

Stop being nice.