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Playboy shoot absent from candidate's resume

A race for a state legislative seat in Washington state is turning white-hot with a report today that the Democrat challenger who describes herself as a Sunday school teacher appeared as a model in Playboy magazine.

According to the Western Center For Journalism, candidate Amy Biviano has been running for the state House of Representatives as a devoted wife and mother of two sons.

But the report said the campaign has been rocked by the exposure of her appearance in Playboy.

“The dictionary definition of hypocritical is the ‘pretense of having virtues, beliefs, principles, etc.’ Many politicians are well described by this adjective; but in 2012, none deserves it more than Amy Biviano,” the report said.

A WND email to the Biviano campaign did not generate a response.

Biviano, however, emailed a response to the Pacific Northwest Inlander newspaper in Spokane, charging a “partisan, agenda-driven website has ‘broken’ the story that when I was a 20 year old student at Yale University, I appeared in Playboy Magazine’s ‘Women of the Ivy League.'”

The candidate said that “while I would not do the same thing now, this is not something that I made any attempt to hide.”

“I haven’t brought it up in the context of this race because it has no bearing on issues in the 4th legislative district nor the person I am today,” she wrote.

The image cannot be reproduced on WND. It has been posted on the WCJ site, strategically blacked out, and linked here. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Extreme caution is advised. The image is not suitable for families.)

Biviano is challenging state Rep. Matt Shea in the race for the 4th Legislative District seat, which represents the Spokane Valley.

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On her website, she describes herself as “a long-time Spokane Valley resident, a mother, and small business owner” who grew up “in a small, close-knit town in Oklahoma, the daughter of a farmer and a public school teacher.”

WCJ pointed out that what “she doesn’t share in her bio is her work as a model for Playboy.”

“Ironically, a central theme of her campaign has been repeated demands that Representative Shea tell all about his past,” WJC said. “She is referring to Shea’s divorce from first wife Lisa. This is well-trod turf with Democrats and the local liberal media bringing up his divorce in every one of his earlier campaigns. They claim that the breakdown of his first marriage is fair game because Representative Shea is the legislature’s biggest opponent of gay marriage.”

WCJ said reporting her Playboy shoot is “appropriate since she is demanding answers from Shea’s past that she fully disclose her own.”

Biviano’s campaign promotion:

Her campaign mailed ads to voters recently with the headline: “Lawmakers should not be law breakers.”

It referred to an apparent incident of road rage reported in Spokane’s Spokesman Review newspaper.

The report said Shea was issued a misdemeanor summons for carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle without a concealed weapons permit. The summons followed a “heated exchange stemming from a near collision.”

A plea agreement was reached in which the ticket “will be dismissed Jan. 18 if he avoids any further criminal behavior.”