Mitt Romney’s “base” has been depicted as an overweight, nearly illiterate, sweating woman with hairy legs holding a sign asking to see President “Obummerz” birth certificate.

Romney himself is shown as a sexist, with his hand nearly caressing the breasts of a more attractive, skinnier woman depicted as “the center.”

The vile image was drawn by syndicated liberal cartoonist David Fitzsimmons of the Arizona Star. The cartoon was republished last week in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The newspaper’s editorial page staunchly supports Obama.

The chubby “base” woman, clearly meant to mock the tea party, is seen sporting a pro-life button and holding a sign stating, “Sho Me Obummerz Birth Certif.”

Romney tells her, “I really like you, but I think we should start seeing other people … At least through November.”

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