(Washington Times) If Mitt Romney wins the White House, he’s much more likely to set up a series of roadblocks against President Obama’s health care law than he is to wipe it off the books entirely or even block it by issuing waivers, as he’s promised.

For one thing, there’s little chance of Republicans seizing enough Senate seats for the filibuster-proof, 60-seat majority Mr. Romney would need to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act. And analysts say the health care law doesn’t contain any waivers the president can issue simply by executive order, for another.

Republicans do have a shot at gaining a simple majority in the Senate, which could allow them to ditch most of the law through the budget-reconciliation process, one of the few legislative vehicles that can’t be blocked by a filibuster.

Short of control, though, Mr. Romney will have a few tactics that he could use to revise and delay parts of the overhaul, hoping for more troops in the 2014 election.

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