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Rush blasts 'journalistic terror, malpractice'

Rush Limbaugh

The second presidential debate gave Rush Limbaugh plenty of material for his “stack of stuff.” Not surprisingly, he had choice words for “moderator” Candy Crowley, who is widely accused of showing favoritism towards Obama.

“In the media world I grew up in, her career would be finished,” Limbaugh declared, adding, “It won’t be now, because she gave it her all for the good guys. She gave it all for the right side. But she committed an act of journalistic terror or malpractice last night” (FREE audio).

The Democrats are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, or, more accurately, a binder, trying to squeeze feminist outrage out of Romney’s non-gaffe about how he collected resumes from qualified executive women.

This inspired Limbaugh to look back on the early days of his radio show: “If you were going to be on this program – you were allowed to call and be on the air – we had to have a photo of you on file. Only of women. And we were deluged with photos. … Anyway, this is a long way around to telling you that I got an e-mail last night from somebody who said, ‘You know, “a binder filled with women” reminded me of when you required women to have a photo on file'” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

It’s the announcement his millions of fans have been waiting for since he left his old radio show earlier this month: Michael Savage will be back on the air, beginning Tuesday, Oct. 23.

The top rated “Savage Nation” radio show will now air from 9 p.m. to midnight ET, Monday through Friday, thanks to a deal with a new syndicator, the powerful Cumulus Media Network.

Hot on the heels of that announcement, the prestigious publishing house, St Martin’s Press, revealed its new two-book deal with Dr. Savage, whose titles regularly make the New York Times Bestseller lists.

His next Jack Hatfield thriller, “Time for War,” is due to be released in February 2013, and then two more titles are tentatively scheduled for 2014 and 2015.

“My novels mean a great deal to me,” he said after signing the deal. “I began life as a poet and short story writer. These Jack Hatfield novels allow me to paint the scenes of life I know best: the San Francisco restaurants, the streets in a certain light, the color of the bay. The excitement I feel I try to express in each novel.”

Sean Hannity

The morning of the second televised debate, Donald Trump joined Hannity to discuss his expectations. An avowed fan of Mitt Romney, the real estate mogul noted, “Obama is going to be better than he was in the first debate and there’s much more pressure on Obama than there is on Mitt. Romney did so well in the first debate that the pressure is on the president” (FREE audio).

Also in studio to talk about the forthcoming candidate showdown were Ann Coulter and Juan Williams. The two pundits disagreed about the benefits to be gained for Obama through his appearances on trivial television programs like “The View,” where he gets to avoid tough questions (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Klein featured an exclusive investigative report on a certain Spanish company’s mysterious role in providing the voting ballots for the November election.

He also combined a comparison of both candidates’ foreign policies with the latest news coming out of Turkey, Syria and Israel. After analyzing Obama’s “Soviet-style campaign tactics,” Klein welcomed listener favorite Jackie Mason, who made an election prediction in his own inimitable way (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

“I don’t think more lies have been told in 90 minutes in the history of debates,” opined Mark Levin, following the second televised presidential showdown.

Levin expressed surprise that eminent Washington Beltway columnist George Will had praised the same debate as one of the best he’d ever seen (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Dr. Kenneth Bickers’ forecasting method has correctly predicted the last eight elections. He joined Laura to explain why he thinks Romney will chalk up 320 electoral votes to Obama’s 208.

Michelle Malkin came on the show to declare Mitt Romney the winner of the most recent debate. NBC’s chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd also came on to debate the notion of media bias. He explained that journalists are frustrated because the president won’t sit down for interviews (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck: clothing designer?

In September, Beck criticized a Levi’s ad that he said “glorifies revolution” and swore he’d never wear the brand again.

Now he’s gone one step further: The broadcasting and Internet entrepreneur is now branching out into fashion, with his own brand of jeans. His “1791 Denim” designs retail at a pricey $129.99.