If you think the younger generations can’t verbally communicate – given their obsessive fixation on cell phones, text messaging, Facebook and their Cro-Magnon use of the word “like” about three to five times in each poorly articulated mumbled sentence – then they certainly do not have our vice presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, to look up to as an example of better verbiage.

Last night’s debate was an exercise in obfuscation, poor phraseology and unnecessary – if not stupid – concessions. Vice President Biden exhibited juvenile behavior, bad manners and a lack of class. In fact, if Biden weren’t “low class,” he would have no class at all!

In watching the debate, particularly with regard to Biden, I felt like jumping out of my chair, entering the event by “time travel” though my television set and seizing the microphone from Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Indeed, if Ryan had not been so scripted and rehearsed, notwithstanding his difficulty in speaking without stumbling, he could have taken Biden apart and reduced him and his overseer, President Barack Hussein Obama, to the ash heap of history. Ryan had his chance to politically deep six the black-and-white Heckel and Jeckel of American politics. By being overly passive and polite, he let this opportunity, in living color, slip away.

Let me tell you how I would have handled the sleazy, Democrat vice-presidential buffoon named Joe Biden.

First, when Biden persisted at making childish gestures, rolling his eyes, snickering and grinning like a Cheshire cat each time Ryan spoke, I would have turned to the vice president and said simply, “Mr. Biden (I would never dignify Biden by calling him Mr. Vice President, as Ryan did frequently), why are you smiling and laughing when so many good and honest Americans are suffering and can’t afford to send their kids to college, eat decent food or even buy gasoline? Do you think this is funny?”

Second, as the debate wore on and Biden continued his antics, I would have added, “Mr. Biden, I know you and Mr. Obama (I would never call him the president, either), want young people to vote for you, but five year olds, whom you seem to be targeting with your immature behavior tonight, are not able to vote.”

Third, when Biden lied about the White House getting bad intelligence over the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and thus blaming the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency for the deaths of our ambassador and three other Americans, I would have said, “Mr. Biden, why can’t you and Mr. Obama accept responsibility for your incompetence and lack of concern over the death of these heroic Americans? Is this funny as well? Is that also why you are rolling your eyes, hissing and smiling?

To round it all up, if I were in Ryan’s shoes, in the closing statement I would have made a specific direct reference to Biden’s conduct by saying, “Fellow Americans, what you saw last Tuesday in the debate between Mr. Obama and Gov. Romney, and what you saw tonight, tell you a lot about why our beloved nation is in the worst crisis of our short history and why you are so hard up. These men are not serious about leading our nation. They enjoy the prestige and benefits of public office, but will not accept responsibility for their incompetence and lack of concern for average Americans. They act as if they have a right to the White House – which to them is one party after another on your dime – but don’t have to do anything to earn our respect and trust. Mr. Biden’s conduct tonight, obviously approved by and coordinated with Mr. Obama, speaks for itself. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is frightening for your future.”

But while Ryan could have “KO’d” Biden and Obama by pushing back, Ryan did not do himself any favors with a lot of what he did say. His statements effectively endorsing the Obama administration’s proven worthless sanctions as the primary means to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons, his endorsement of Obama’s policies regarding Afghanistan and Iraq, and a host of other gratuitous bows to the “Muslim in chief,” were simply unbelievable for someone who wants his party to ascend to the presidency and vice presidency. As a trial lawyer and, for a brief period in 2004, a politician running for a U.S. Senate seat in Florida, I can tell you, from 35 years of experience, that it is unwise and even stupid to concede anything to an opponent. Ryan’s unnecessary bows to Heckel and Jeckel were unnecessary, and they made him (and his boss, Romney) look less than serious about defeating the most evil and destructive administration in the history of the republic on Nov. 6.

Winning the White House takes a “killer instinct,” particularly given Obama’s and Biden’s ruthless socialist and ultra-leftist philosophy – first perfected by the Bolsheviks at Red Square – that the ends justify the means. Even with the electoral map looking somewhat better for Romney and Ryan after Obama’s collapse in the first presidential debate, Obama and his partner in crime, Biden, are only down but hardly out. Like the ruthless Bolshevik thugs they are, expect some major gambits and outrageous acts in the days ahead to destroy Romney and Ryan so they and their leftist minions can retain control of our so-called government – to dominate our lives, remove our freedoms and redistribute wealth to them and their friends, communist style.

And, that is why Ryan letting the opportunity slip away to deliver the knock-out punch was so disappointing and why – if they do not quickly grow a spine – the less-than-dynamic duo is still “favored” to pull defeat out of the clutches of victory on Nov. 6.

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