Talk Radio Network has filled the daily 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. timeslot held by Michael Savage with talk-host Jerry Doyle, a former Hollywood actor and congressional nominee.

As WND reported, Savage announced Thursday he won his federal lawsuit against TRN via arbitration, which makes him a free agent.

While he fields offers and considers his options, Savage is broadcasting talks via the Internet. His first broadcast, Sunday, is available through his website.

TRN, which also features popular talkers Laura Ingraham, Rusty Humphries, Monica Crowley and Mancow, touted Doyle as a “jet pilot, Wall Street investment banker for 10 years, Hollywood star for 12 years, former congressional nominee and now radio giant.”

Mark Masters, CEO of TRN Enterprises, called Doyle, rated the No. 6 host by Talkers magazine, “the vanguard of talk radio’s next evolutionary step.”

Savage’s lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, told WND that Savage, the No. 3-ranked talk-radio host, will not be on radio until he signs a contract with a new syndicator.

“Within an hour of knowing he was free, we were already talking to top names in the business,” Horowitz said.

The arbitration panel awarded Savage more than $900,000 and ordered TRN to turn over to him all archived tapes and other recordings of his show.

Just days after he ended his relationship with TRN, WND reported, his “Savage Nation” was ranked the No. 1 talk-radio show on the Internet for the third quarter.

After consistently winning the No. 2 spot, Savage surpassed Rush Limbaugh on the Internet, according to

“We have watched Michael consistently grow his audience over the last several quarters,” said in its report of the top 25 shows on the ‘Net. “All of his numbers are way up, especially via mobile and social radio.”

The survey period was July to Sept. 27. said all of the metrics collected to produce its top 25 report are via Internet streaming through its new cloud-based server, gadgets, iPhone app and “click-to-listen” links via social networks.

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