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Senators blasted for sending billions to 'enemies'

A new TV-ad campaign in the swing states of Florida, West Virginia, Ohio and Missouri is blasting Democratic Party incumbents for sending billions of dollars to nations that many Americans would place unequivocally in the “enemies” column.

The ads created by RAND PAC, the political action arm of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., already are running, with purchases targeting Sens. Joe Manchin in West Virgina, Bill Nelson in Florida and Sherrod Brown in Ohio.

The spots will begin running this week in Missouri, where Sen. Claire McCaskill in fighting to stave off a surging challenge from U.S. Rep. Todd Akin.

A West Virginia ad declares: “They tear down and burn the American flag in Egypt and shout ‘death-to-America’ … [Yet] Joe Manchin votes to provide U.S. taxpayer aid.”

In Pakistan radicals “imprison and torture” the “hero” who helped the U.S. destroy terror leader Osama bin Laden, yet Manchin approved sending “billions” of taxpayer dollars.

And in Libya, “Islamists” burn the U.S. Embassy and kill the ambassador, yet Manchin “votes to send more taxpayer money to Libya.”

The ads point out that, meanwhile, in the U.S., millions are seeking work, roads and bridges need repair and the total of borrowed money rises ever higher.

“Joe Manchin works with Barack Obama to send billions of taxpayer dollars to countries where radicals storm our embassies, burn our flag and kill our diplomats. It’s time to bring our taxpayer dollars home. It’s time to send Joe Manchin home.”

RAND PAC said the ad purchases in each state run into six figures, and a spokesman for Paul’s senatorial office said there is some $4 billion in taxpayer funds being delivered to the three nations.

“We feel like the overwhelming majority of Americans [outside of Washington] agree with Rand Paul [that aid money should be halted],” a RAND PAC spokesman told WND.

The Senate defeated a measure proposed by Paul to halt U.S. aid to the three nations until they resumed acting like allies, 81-10. But the vote put the candidates identified in the ads on the record in support of spending billions of tax dollars in countries where Americans are being killed.

See the ad targeting Manchin:

As the Voice of America reported, Paul argued that polls show nearly 80 percent of the American people think foreign aid is generally a bad idea.

“We have roads in our country that are crumbling and need repair; we have bridges that are crumbling. In my state alone we had a bridge out six months last year. We have two bridges that are older than I am and need to be replaced in Kentucky. We don’t have the money, but we somehow have billions of dollars to send to people who disrespect us and burn our flag.”

The measure would have conditioned the resumption of financial help on whether Egypt and Libya arrest those responsible for the attacks on the U.S. Embassy and consulate and turn them over to the U.S.

It would have required Pakistan to release the imprisoned doctor who helped the CIA identify bin Laden’s location.

According to the Business Insider, the states where the ads are running were chosen partly because GOP challengers in the Senate races support Paul’s perspective. They are businessman John Raese in West Virginia, Florida Rep. Connie Mack, Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel and Missouri Congressman Akin.

The Insider described the ads as “pretty brutal, juxtaposing the votes against Paul’s amendment with images of the recent attacks on U.S. diplomatic compounds in Egypt and Libya.”

The report said Manchin’s response was to quote Republican Lindsay Graham saying the cutoff of dollars “would have put the terrorists and the radicals on steroids.”