Obama won this week’s debate based on facts. Romney won the first debate based on lies. If you are complaining about the recent debate – that means your side lost.

If what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are proposing worked (trickle down economics) then George W. Bush would have been the keynote speaker at the RNC convention in Tampa in August. George Bush Sr. called trickle down economics “voodoo economics” in 1980, and it is still a sham today. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are nothing but shills for the Koch brothers and their Wall Street cronies.

Romney could not attain Obama’s knowledge of constitutional law or foreign policy if Romney lived to the age of 500. Romney could not find Egypt, Syria or Libya on a world map if his life depended on it. Listening to Romney prattle about foreign policy and economics is like listening to Tiger Woods on the topic of marital fidelity.

Mitt Romney has changed his position on nearly every topic (individual mandates, TARP, stimulus spending, gun rights, immigration policy, abortion rights, minimum wage, the auto bailout, global warming and don’t ask don’t tell) because Mitt Romney is willing to say anything to try to win an election.

John Rebstock

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