Please take this as constructive criticism/observation. It offends me when I see stories about God taking vengeance on us for one reason or another via the weather. Hurricane Sandy is a not-so-uncommon weather event. They are predictable, generally, seasonally and terrestrially, based on sciences dealing with fluids on a rotating sphere. We are lucky our planet is not twice as massive as it is. This places limits on forces in the atmosphere. By our population growth, our construction/location habits and our own ignorance, we get in the way of weather, not the other way around.

Climate catastrophists are always looking at humans for the the reason behind weather disasters; CO2 emissions, soot, methane, etc. Following these rationale to their logical conclusions proves humans love tyranny, and “mother” nature doesn’t even blink, just doing what “she” does with or without us. Are we really any further along in our understanding than the folks in the middle ages who killed “witches” for bad weather?

Kerry Chase

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