I read Kirk Cameron’s column “America digging its own grave,” and I would like to say that he is indeed entitled to his own opinion. However, I have found conservative Christians, especially those living in virtually minorityfree communities, to be opinionated and quite isolated to what is going on in the world and in or country.

There are many African-Americans who bury their beloved dogs of many years, and many are not comfortable with the gay issue – but overall, by being the recipients of prejudice and racism, they are less likely to act the same way toward gays, ethnic groups and those who are not certain of acquiring the American dream.

Please try to remember that the Africans did not ask to come to America; they were brought here in chains to make profits for the white landowners, primarily in the South. This is a great blot on American history and cannot be rationalized away.

Who really built America? Anyone who can think with an open mind knows that it was the tobacco and cotton plantations in the South that made a significant living and amassed riches on the backs of the African-Americans who were treated like cattle, their loved ones often torn from them and sold to owners far away never to be seen again. Is this how we treat human beings in this country?

How, then, after generations of this type of treatment do we expect them to have the values of the whites? If I were an African-American, I would not see myself as one with my white counterparts. When are we going to give them an even chance?

America was BUILT on the backs of the blacks, and they should at least be given the honor of doing this for this country. They have paid their dues to America and should not be diminished by the prejudice of the white majority. It is very possible that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the white majority will find themselves to be in the minority – and then it will be too late to make amends.

If we do consider ourselves “Christians,” let us try to “Love one another,” as Christ taught. Why have we forgotten that?

Where will this end? Hate breeds hate. There is no excusing bigoted behavior. If you hate someone, do not demonize them and try bringing them down to your level of hate. Step away and do them no harm.

Don’t try to diminish others and do it in church in the name of your faith. When you diminish others, you yourself are diminished. There is no alternative, nor excuse.

Maria Aguigui

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